Sony has always been praised for the impressive water-proofing feature on its handsets, especially in the Xperia Z series. The recently released Xperia devices like the “Sony Xperia Z5” and even, tablets like “Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact” come with the most-helpful IP 68 rating, where the number “6” stands for “dust-proofing,” whereas the number “8” means the device can be submerged in fresh water up to a depth of 1.5 meters (five feet) for about 30 minutes.

Many Xperia devices released in the past, including the mid-range handset like the Xperia M series, were marketed with press photos showcasing selfies and group photos under water. Those advertisements also showed the Sony devices getting fully submerged in water. Thanks to the ads, any user would ideally think the device will be able to sustain a full submersion. However, Sony has not been very eager to fix the damages caused by water submersion, GSM Arena reported.

As it turns out, Sony declined the service requests stating that many users have not closed the plastic caps tightly and thereby, invalidating the warranty. Having seen many such requests from users, Sony has finally fine tuned the terms and conditions of the warranty.

According to the new policy change, Sony handsets should not be fully submerged in any kind of water. The company says, “The IP rating of your device was achieved in laboratory conditions in standby mode, so you should not use the device underwater, such as taking pictures. Do not use the device to take photos while performing any type of activity underwater, including diving or snorkeling.”

In any case, Sony still allows the device owners to use the handset under rain, shower and in pools, where water splashes are in abundance. Interested readers can check out the full terms and conditions from Sony’s official support Website.