It seems like Sony has a good bet on what the top game of 2015 will be, as the company has announced "Bloodborne: Game of the Year edition" for the PlayStation 4. The game has received plenty of acclaim from fans and critics alike, and the addition of the "Old Hunters" expansion make this a tempting package to get.

Interestingly enough, "The Old Hunters" expansion pack was only revealed last month during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), IGN reported. Thankfully for fans of "Bloodborne," the expansion pack isn’t just a couple of extra levels with some new enemies to fight -- not that anyone would complain about that -- thanks to the game’s addictive battle system.

Along with a handful of levels and a number of beasts to slay, "The Old Hunters" will actually let players turn into beasts as well, according to the PlayStation Blog. It’s an interesting new feature and should add some variety to the game’s usual mix of risk versus reward gameplay that "Bloodborne" and other games by developer From Software is known for.

New environments are something fans of From Software look forward to and it seems like "The Old Hunters" will deliver that in spades. Players will traverse through a monolith clock tower among other levels and take on new bosses, which should be fun to witness.

Those, who are new to the game, can also play the original "Bloodborne" before getting decimated in the new expansion pack. Like "Dark Souls" and "Demon’s Souls" before it, "Bloodborne" is an unforgiving, but incredibly satisfying experience that rewards patience and punishes recklessness. Players can’t simply start hacking away at everything, as they need to strategize, dodge and conserve health potions to survive.

With games like "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," "The WItcher 3: Wild Hunt" and "Batman: Arkham Knight," it’s too early to say if "Bloodborne" is the top game of 2015. However, it definitely is one of the best games of the year and also an incredibly satisfying experience for gaming veterans who love a challenge.

"Bloodborne Game of the Year edition" will be available in Europe on Nov. 25. No announcement has been made in regards to a North American release, though it's likely. 

Bloodborne The Old Hunters - Expansion DLC Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)