Sony announced on Monday that hackers had stolen almost 25 million more user's names, addresses and passwords from PC games customers.

Sony Online Entertainment, a San Diego-based subsidiary that makes multiplayer games, said it has suspended access to its services overnight between Sunday and Monday after discovering personal information from 24.6 million accounts had been stolen.

This announcement followed a day after the Japanese company disclosed one of the biggest hacking in history of Internet.

Last week, Sony admitted that the personal informations of 77 million Playstation video game nework's users may have been stolen by hackers.

Sony explained that the direct debit information of nearly 11,000 customers in Austria, Spain, Netherlands and Germany were stolen, as were the credit or debit card details of 13,000 non-US customers.

A spokesman for the online games unit based in San Diego said the service was taken down at 1:30 am Pacific time on Monday.

Sony alerted customers a week after discovering the hacking.

The break-in that Sony disclosed on Monday also forced it to halt its Sony Online Entertainment games on Facebook.

Sony executives apologized on Sunday and annoucned they would slowly restart the PlayStation Network with higher security and would provide some free content to users.