Sony PlayStation Network outage has outraged its fans, but has failed to either erode the console’s fanbase or its sales.

A cyber attack on Sony’s server was discovered on April 20, forcing Sony to shut down its PlayStation Network and Qriocity music streaming service. The attack led Sony to announce that personal information of its 100 million+ users, including sensitive credit card information, could have been stolen. Ever since the hack, Sony announced several times deadlines of getting the services online, but every time it has missed them.

The PlayStation Network will not come online anytime soon because Sony is still struggling to make sure that a similar security breach does not happen in the future.

Late responses in the early stage of the shut down and missing the May 8 restoration deadline has given rise to worrisome voices. It is unavoidable in such critical situation that some PlayStation 3 players giving harsh opinions and some even switching to Xbox 360.

Not surprisingly, Sony has gone into damage control mode to retain its fans and protect its brand image.

The apology letter in early May by Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer on PlayStation blog that announced their new identify theft insurance policy and the “Welcome Back” package drew over 170 encouraging comments by the blog users.

“I thank you for the personal message Howard. We, your loyal fans will not back off because of low-life hackers,” said SGAShepp.

“Thanks Mr. Stringer. Unlike some people, I believe Sony has dealt with this with as much grace as any company could,” Hush404 said.

“As Much As I Hate To Wait! I’ll Say This Only Once. Take Your Time To Fix PSN. As Much As you need, And Make the PSN service as safe As [possible], Even if it pisses me Off!!! And Thanks For The heads-up Howard!” AIReavis posted.

Sony has also issued several statements thereafter, mostly commenting on their progress in boosting up its security and ensuring that the system will be up in “a few more days”.

In a recent letter to Japanese clients on May 12, which has been translated by IBTimes, Sony said they are at the verification stage on checking the safety and security. They promised to “give new customers peace of mind on PlayStation Network and Qriocity.”

Although PlayStation 3’s turn-in rate has reportedly increased after the hack, sales of the console have also increased by 13 percent in April, compared to previous year’s statistic.