They say any publicity is good publicity, but is this the case when attempted homicide is involved? A posting over at tells the bizarre story of the boy who loved PlayStation more than he did his parents.

Allegedly, a 16-year-old Maryland boy was so devoted to his Sony gaming device that he explored the avenue of having his parents killed once they removed his PlayStation and television privileges, citing poor grades and bad behavior (clearly). A police officer, posing as a contract killer, was reportedly offered the teen's stepfather's pick-up truck as payment for the violent act.

As Tom Barlow wryly notes on BloggingStocks, one of the most puzzling details of this story is that the psychotic feelings were drummed up over the loss of a PlayStation, which doesn't even play Halo 3 ... or racket sports. Perhaps third-rate devices attract third-rate kids, Barlow concludes. The teen is currently charged with attempted murder but is being tried as a juvenile, meaning he cannot be held past his 21st birthday. Enjoy the lack of video games and TV in jail, buddy.

In unrelated news, Sony has pulled out of its research project with IBM (IBM) and Toshiba to work on manufacturing technologies for semiconductor chips. The company is pulling out of research and development of this nature, but it is unclear when Sony engineers will leave the IBM facility at which they currently work. Sony shares are down a fraction in mid-afternoon activity.