Sony Electronics introduces its new industrial XCG series, with four series cameras in different ultra-high resolution, and frame rates to match a variety of machine vision and security applications with extreme low-light conditions.

It unveils its XCG series cameras with GigE Vision interface during the 2009 International Robots & Vision show recently. The new XCG-V60E camera is suitable for bottle, pharmaceutical, and electronics inspection and has 1/3-inch imager in VGA resolution at 90 fps.

“The XCG series gives VARs, system integrators and OEMs confidence in the longevity of this new standard backed by Sony’s industry expertise,” said Ken LaMarca, vice president of the visual imaging and security systems business at Sony Electronics.

Among its Models, The XCG-SX97E model’s has the ability to deliver extreme low-light sensitivity is ideal for security, ITS, and UAV applications with 2/3-inch imager in SXGA resolution at 16 FPS.

Its typical applications for the XCG-U100E camera, has 1/1.8-inch imager in UXGA resolution at 15 fps and it includes print inspection, packaging, and metallurgy.

While, the XCG-5005E produces high-resolution of 5-megapixel images that are a fit for capturing very fine details for print inspection, microscopy, and semiconductor wafer inspection, has 2/3-inch imager in 5-megapixel resolution at 15 fps.

Its XCG series cameras also leverage GigE technology’s packet resend mechanism for secure data transmission. Its GigE Vision has an interface specifically standardized for machine vision applications based on Gigabit Ethernet technology and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras can transmit uncompressed image data at 1000 Mbps over distances of 100 meters.

Each Sony XCG series cameras cost $1,132, $3,088, $2,798 respectively and are available now through Sony authorized distributors and system integrators.