Sony has pleased many older gamers with the release of several PS2 games for the PS4, and it looks like the company is going to add even more, this time through fan feedback. The company has decided to ask fans what PS2 games they would like to see make a comeback on the current-gen console via Twitter.

Dave Thach from the PlayStation team went to Twitter and asked fans to give their suggestions on what PS2 games they would like to see on the PS4. They would give their suggestion, while also using the hashtag #ps2ps4 so that he and the PlayStation team can take it under consideration.

Obviously all of the suggestions won’t be brought to the current-gen console immediately, as it seems like the company will only bring back the most requested games. GameSpot stated that Twitter is flooding with all of these suggestions and it should be interesting to see what title makes it.

The current PS2 titles available on the PS4 include “Rogue Galaxy,” “Dark Cloud,” Twisted Metal Black,” “War of the Monsters,” “The Mark of Kri” and the three “Grand Theft Auto” games that came out on the PS2. All of these games received rave reviews when they came out and were easy contenders to bring back to the console.

Upcoming titles that will be ported to the PS4 include “Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits” and possibly, the original “Max Payne.” Meanwhile, “PaRappa The Rapper 2” will already be coming to the PSN store next week, which should be good news for fans of that rhythm game.

“Dark Cloud 2” and “Ape Escape” were rumored o be part of the initial line up, though this proved false. That doesn’t mean that either title won’t be appearing, given their popularity at the time, but fans of those games will have to be patient.

It looks like fans will have to wait till next year to see which games make the cut and get brought to the current-gen console. If the fans from Twitter have anything to say about it, they seem to want some underappreciated games to make the cut like “God Hand” or “Gladius.”

PlayStation 2 comes to PS4 (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)