He's been called (by himself many times, and by others) the U.S.'s 'doctor of democracy' and the 'King of the Dittoheads.' 

He's Rush Limbaugh, of course, the host of the highest-ranked radio talk show in the United States - a 3-hour, mid-day, call-in talk show that frequently serves as a forum for Limbaugh's monologues on virtually any topic that suits his interest or irks him.

Some argue that Limbaugh is so powerful that he now is guiding both the Tea Party conservative faction in the Republican Party and, by extension, guiding Republican Congressional leadership.

Others, including many liberals in the Democratic Party, and others, argue he is poisonous - that he is a major factor in the coarsening of the public discourse in the United States that contributes to the polarization of both society and the public policy climate in Washington, D.C. That's created a condition in which national problems fester -- to the detriment of the economic, society, and the overall strength of the United States.

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