After scouring the industry for the best products in the foodceutical market, Source Atlantique has chosen industry pioneers VitaminSpice to join its exclusive array of Specialty Food Products.

Source Atlantique, of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, is one of the most trusted name in specialty foods importing, marketing and distribution. “We specialize in discovering the best products in every culinary category, then cultivating their strengths, and nurturing each throughout the marketplace. Our roster of artisanal brands has been carefully selected for superior quality and limitless potential – for the kitchen as well as the market and we expect an excellent response for the VitaminSpice product line,” stated Joel Schuman, President, Source Atlantique.

VitaminSpice offers vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant-infused spices that can be incorporated into almost any conventional food. The company’s offerings include Crushed Red Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Ground Cinnamon and Granulated Garlic. The products’ secret lies in the micro-encapsulation process that keeps vitamin properties locked inside, even when heated.

Aside from its product line, VitaminSpice is uniquely positioned between the $100 billion health food/vitamin supplement industry and the multi-trillion-dollar traditional food industry. The company also wields powerful business knowledge, with Bill Fields, former CEO of WalMart Retail, seated on the Board of Directors.

“We are excited that Source Atlantique has selected VitaminSpice. This single agreement provides all of the logistics, sales, marketing, and customer expertise to reach 90% of the Health Food Stores and Grocery Stores in the US and Canada. Source has relationships with national high quality distributor and broker networks and major retailers,” stated Edward Bukstel, CEO, VitaminSpice.