A South African man has been found guilty of assault, after he spilled whiskey on President Jacob Zuma at a horse race last year.

One of Zuma's bodyguards bravely got between the drink and the President, absorbing the spill before it could land on the leader's head.

Racehorse owner Daryl Peense, who said he was simply drunk and didn't mean to spill his drink, was arrested in Durban last July. He was found guilty of assaulting the president at a court hearing on Wednesday. He will be sentenced in September.

According to some reports, Peense lost his handle of the drink when a crowd rushing to see President Zuma pushed against him

The man will likely avoid jail time, and instead be fined for the spillage, according to IBTimes' Africa edition. Peense has already had to pay significant legal fees and fears he will be financially ruined.

"It's destroyed my life," Peense said, according to The Guardian.

"I'm shocked by the ruling, it's like a big puzzle," Peense told South Africa's News24 after his conviction.