A South Carolina man was attacked by the mothers of his two children after they discovered he has a new girlfriend, South Carolina police say. 

Rodrick Tucker, 21, told authorities that he was invited to the apartment of Tabitha Parker, 23, on Tuesday, according to a Spartanburg police department report. He described Parker as his “baby mama” and added that she invited him into her bedroom after he arrived at the residence. According to police, after “lying on the bed,” Tucker's “other baby mama,” Courtney Littlejohn, walked into the room.

At that time, Tucker said the women pulled him off the bed and began hitting him in the head and face. Even when he we was able to leave the bedroom, Tucker told officers the pair knocked him to the floor and Littlejohn sat on him and would not allow him to get up.

Tucker added that Littlejohn and Parker also shot him “several times with a stun gun.” He says that they even continued to attack him after he picked up his baby in hopes they would stop hitting him.

According to authorities, Tucker told them he believes the women were upset because he had just started a new relationship. Police photographed his injuries and ripped clothing at the scene. The Smoking Gun reports that Littlejohn was arrested at 11 a.m. on May 7 on a domestic-violence charge, and booked into a county jail. Martin was also charged with domestic violence and incarcerated on May 7 as well.