West Fork Complex U.S. Forest Service photo shows fire rising over the West Fork Complex in Colorado. Photo: Reuters/U.S. Forest Service
A wildfire in South Fork, Colo., has forced more than 1,500 people to evacuate. The popular summer-getaway destination is threatened by an ongoing forest fire that spread across an area of 114 miles as of Sunday night. With winds and dry forests aggravating the situation, firefighters and aircraft are working to contain the blaze that is ravaging the Rio Grande National Forest.

According to local news station Fox 31 Denver, the fire has already burned over 76,000 acres of forest. What was originally three individual fires believed to be started by lightning has grown into one large forest fire called the West Fork Complex. Firefighters are working to protect South Fork, as well as the Wolf Creek ski area and local residential areas. No structures have been lost due to the blaze.

Here’s a look at some images of and Twitter comments about the blaze.

West Fork Complex Windshield U.S. Forest Service photo of smoke rising from wildfire over the West Fork Complex reflected on a Forest Service vehicle windshield in Colorado Photo: Reuters/U.S. Forest Service

















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