The South Korean economy released its monthly industrial Production reading which increased 4.6% during the month of January, compared with a pervious incline 2.8% that revised to 3.1%, while analyst's forecasts referred to 2.0%.

South Korean Industrial Production (YoY) for the year ended January, rose 13.7%, from 9.8% a year earlier, which was revised to 10.6%, while the actual reading came better than expectations estimates 12.4%.

The South Korean economy also released its annualized service industry output index for the year ended October, which released with an actual reading 4.6%, compared with a previous 2.1% last year, revised to 2.4%. South Korean industrial production MFG for the 12 months ended January, inclined 14.1% compared with a pervious of 9.9%, revised to 10.8%.

The annualized leading index jumped 3.0% in January, from 2.8% a year earlier that revised to 2.8%.