The industrial production in South Korean increased by 1.4% in March, compared with a previous drop by 2.3% in February that revised to -2.5%, where the analysts' forecasts estimated of 2.4%.

Moreover, the annualized industrial production soared to 8.7% in the year ended March, from a 9.1% advance last year, which was revised to 9.2%, and the market's expectations noted to 11.0%.

The industrial production Mfg (YoY) rose to 9.0% from 9.3% a year earlier that revised to 9.4%. Further the annualized service industry output accelerated by 2.7% in March, more than the previous 0.2% in 2010, which was revised to 0.1%.

Moreover, the leading index in South Korean rose to 1.6% during the 12 months ended March, from the preceding year 2.4%.