A gunman opened fire at a busy hair salon in coastal town Seal Beach in Southern California on Wednesday, resulting in the death of eight people while one was wounded critically, according to the authorities.

About 1:30 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday, Salon Meritage was busy, and crowded with the employees and patrons. Every hair-dressing station was in operation. At that time, a gunman suddenly barged in and began shooting.

According to the police report, six people died on the spot and three were wounded. Two of the wounded died in a hospital. The third is battling for his life. Another wounded was found outside the building. But it wasn't clear where and when he was hurt.

After shooting, the gunman got in a car and ran away, leaving dead bodies scattered in the Salon Meritage. However, he was arrested later about a half mile away, nearly two hours after shooting.

He appeared cooperative and did not resist our officers at all when he was detained, Seal Beach police Sergeant Steve Bowles said.

There may be something to the motive as to a relationship with somebody in the salon, that is our assumption, Bowles said about the motive of shooting.

Witnesses and survivors were taken to a nearby apartment complex to settle their nerves.

The gunman was ex-husband of a stylist at Salon Meritage, with whom he had a custody dispute, a former salon employee Lidia Sosa told Reuters.

So far it isn't clear that how many employees and patrons died. However, the owner of the Salon Meritage Randy Fannin was confirmed died. “Randy is dead,” the owner’s niece Tami Scarcella told the Los Angeles Times. “Randy is dead for sure.”

The bloody shooting surprised Seal Beach, a quiet city in California. In the past four years, only one other homicide was reported.

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