(Reuters) - Boeing announced inaugural list prices for its re-engined narrowbody 737 MAX aircraft on Tuesday, shortly after announcing a firm deal for 150 aircraft with Southwest Airlines.

The 737 MAX 8 will sell for a catalogue price of $95.2 million, Boeing said on its website, while the larger 737 MAX 9 will sell for $101.7 million.

The new fuel-efficient model is designed to compete with Airbus's A320 family of roughly 150-seater aircraft.

Boeing's prices suggest a premium for the smaller model of 4 percent to the re-engined Airbus A320neo, which officially sells for $91.2 million. Both planemakers say their models have superior economics.

Airbus last changed its prices in January.

Each planemaker traditionally offers discounts to airlines, especially for large orders or launch customers.