Frenzy among aspirants hoping to make it to the payroll of Southwest Airlines led to the jamming and eventual crash of the carrier's server, preventing many from submitting their applications.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines had invited applications for flight-attendant positions and had specified a two-hour window for interested candidates to apply online. However, as thousands tried to get on to the site to wrest the opportunity, the unprecedented traffic clogged the servers.

Frantic and desperate posts on Southwest's Facebook page mirror the angst of those trying in vain to apply to the coveted positions; as one post read:

Had my awesome application and resume all ready to go, and just as I feared might happen the site crashed. It was not first come first served, I was on the site even before noon waiting for the posting, got to the description page and clicked apply, but never got past that. Very sad that it was pretty much a random lottery that actually decided who was able to get through...

There are many who also feel that Southwest should reopen the positions in view of the server's failure to accommodate aspirants' applications:

One candidate writes Repost the Flight Attendant Positions. Pretty sad the system crashed while another says, It's pretty disappointing that a wonderful company like this would only allow an hr to apply online for a FA position...Would be nice to allow a weekend so everyone that is interested in having a shot of getting a position with them could do so...hey Southwest, if you are reading this, please open the system up again for FA positions.

Southwest spokesperson Brad Hawkins, however clarified that the website hadn't malfunctioned. He was quoted by The Dallas Morning News as having said, The application system can receive a finite number of applications to process at one time, and if applicants were unsuccessful getting their application to be accepted, it was because the 'pipeline' was full.

Southwest Airlines has always been among the most sought-after employers in the United States. The 2011 survey of Best Places to Work by popular jobs and career community portal ranks the airline as the second most highly rated employer. (Incidentally it also won the top position in 2010.) Its free flight awards, attractive 401K match and great medical benefits have received wide appreciation from its employees.