The Spanish Treasury sold 3 billion euros of short-term bills today with yields rising again to records, after the People's Party became the ruling party and the Party's leader Mariano Rajoy took the lead and won the Premiership.

Spain sold 0.97 billion euros of 6-month bills, while yields on those bills climbed to 5.227% up from 3.302% recorded in October, in the time demand was 4.9 times compared with 2.6 times recorded in October.

Spain also sold 2.01 billion euros of 3-month treasury bills, while yields on this debt rose to 5.11% from 2.292% a month earlier, the highest since 2003. Demand was 2.9 times the quantity supplied compared with the previous of 3.1 times in the October auction.

Spain will sell a new 3-year bond next week.