Spain may have attracted media attention for all the wrong reasons last year, but that didn't stop tourists from flocking there in their millions, proving its resilience as a destination despite the downturn and indicating that the current collapse in property prices may be just a temporary glitch. The latest figures from EU statistics body Eurostat reveal that out of all the 27 Eurozone states, travellers spent the largest number of nights in Spain's hotels in 2010.

A total of 268 million nights were spent in hotels in Spain by tourists last year, an increase of 6.4% from 2009. Even removing domestic travellers, the country still dominated in the statistics, with 155 million nights spent in hotels by non-residents, the highest in the EU. 

Next in the rankings was Italy, followed by Germany, France and the UK, proving that when it comes to tourism, the 'big five' are still on top despite new EU member states displaying strong growth. These five countries made up a huge 70 per cent of total hotel stays in the Eurozone. 

The EU in general saw a 2.8% increase in hotel stays from 2009, good news for the tourism industry overall, which has seen steady declines for the previous two years as the financial crisis saw many international travellers tightening their belts. The figures include both leisure and business travellers.

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