The Spanish Treasury was able to sell 2.51 billion euros of three-month and six-month bills, meeting the maximum target for the sale, after the bonds found stronger demand and witnessed lower yields.

Yields for the three-month bills stood at 1.285% down from 1.735% recorded at the December 20 auction, while yields for the six-month notes fell to 1.847% from the previous of 2.435% recorded an auction earlier.

Demand for the bills strengthened as well, where demand for the three-month bills was 4.32 times the quantity offered, compared with the previous 2.86 times, while demand for the six-month bills climbed to 6.87 times the quantity sold compared with the previous 4.06 times recorded on December 20.

After the bond auction, the euro remained weak against the U.S. dollar as markets are still tracking any developments regarding the European Stability Mechanism, the Greek debt-talks and fiscal compact between European nations, as the European Union finance chiefs are meeting in Brussels.