Spain sold 3.95 billion euro bonds due to mature in 2019 and 2020, where the treasury said that 1.5 billion euro bonds due October 2020 were sold at 5.19% yields, comparing with 5.22% back in February, while demand for those bonds was 2.0 times from the previous 1.54 in February.

Moreover, the Treasury also sold 1.4 billion euro bonds due April 2020 at 5.05% yields, comparing with 4.9% back in June, while demand for bonds was 2.01 times from the previous 1.9 in June's auction.

The treasury also sold 1 billion euro bonds due July 2019 at 5.0%, comparing with 4.07% in April 2009, while demand for bonds was 2.7 times from the prior 1.9 times in April's auction.