Yesterday, Spare Backup, Inc. announced it would be growing its current relationship with Internet cell phone retailer Wirefly to launch Mobile Backup PRO, a suite of security and protection features. Mobile Backup PRO expands on Wirefly Mobile Backup, a free service introduced to Wirefly customers in November 2010. The premium version will be available on an annual or month to month subscription plan and offer a 30 day trial.

Palm Desert, CA based Spare Backup, Inc. offers customers from consumer to business level protection of their computer data through its Spare BAckup product, which automates online backups of digital materials such as music, photos, and other PC files. Wirefly, a subsidiary of Simplexity, has been named “Best of the Web” by Forbes magazine and “Best in Overall Customer Experience” by Keynote Performance Systems, and offers discounts and services not available in retail wireless stores.

Spare Backup will provide Wirefly with software and tech that will allow PRO subscribers the ability to lock their phone, display alert messages, sound an alarm, use GPS location and erase data remotely from their phone via any Internet connected PC. This service is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones on all major US wireless carriers.

Wirefly customers can access these features through a trial period after registering with a credit card, and can either cancel the service or be automatically enrolled when the trial ends. These services will be available for all Wirefly customers, which Wirefly will be marketing through promotional offers and service bundles.

“We are excited to expand this relationship and provide our cutting edge digital services as a complement to Wirefly’s cell phone and wireless services,” stated Cery Perle, CEO of Spare Backup. “Tens of thousands of Wirefly customers are already using the basic version of Mobile Backup, and we expect these customers will take advantage of the new features offered in the PRO version. Additionally, we believe introducing new customers to the mobile security capabilities of our product through a trial offer is great way to expand its reach.”