Spare Backup, – masters of redundant data backup services for everyone from consumers to mid-sized businesses, disclosed plans today regarding the new strategic partnership with Catch Media, Inc. to embed their robust Play Anywhere® platform into SPBU’s architecture, effectively allowing users to play their backed up media via any networkable device, especially mobile phones.

Consumers can now access their media seamlessly across devices. This amazing new service enabled by Play Anywhere technology constitutes a paradigm shift which takes advantage of the best ideas from cloud computing and IT infrastructure capability to produce a truly 21st century, platform-agnostic solution for consumers which is completely legal and backed by licenses from major and independent record labels.

CEO of SPBU, Cery Perle, noted the significance of this emergent technology and the powerful new servicing it enables pointing out that once a users data has been secured/backed up, users could easily pull the content from the cloud onto any networkable device for playback, meaning people can back up their favorite songs then play them on their mobile phone with truly unprecedented ease of use.

Perle highlighted the fact that this is a whole new dimension to the data backup and storage sector, making it possible for users to backup their content and then enjoy it anytime and anywhere – effectively having a platform which allows users to backup as many gigabytes of music as they want and then stream them to their mobile phone.

This opens up a new hardware paradigm; there is no longer any need to think of cell phones and portable music players as distinct devices.

CEO of Catch Media, Yaacov Ben-Yaacov commented on the powerful business-to-business registry, routing, tracking and clearinghouse platform that is Play Anywhere and expressed his excitement at joining with SPBU to bring consumers “the best of both worlds”.

Ben-Yaacov likened it to the ease of use consumers have come to expect from the ATM system, bringing together security and portability with unparalleled ease-of-use.