Spare Backup Inc. is an industry-leading provider of automated online backup applications for home users and small businesses. The company today announced that its My Hub Mobile 1.0 App was approved by Apple for use with the iPhone platform and will be available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

The company’s App runs on the iPhone and enables clients to securely backup, store and manage their content, including contacts and pictures, through the use of the cloud and on their iPhone. This app now makes it easier than ever to put the user in complete control of their own content and data management. The app provides access and protects the user’s information that is important to them 24/7, no matter where the user happens to be.

This is important in today’s challenging environment when security of and access to data and content is paramount. As more people rely on their mobile devices to carry out daily tasks, information safety, availability and sharing are increasingly becoming three of the dominant growth drivers of the mobile web. This is the thinking behind Spare Backup’s partnership with The Carphone Warehouse to launch this dynamic new technology with the My Hub Mobile App and web interface.

Stephen Meyer of Spare Backup commented, “The market is ready for an App that connects users through the cloud with their secure data and content and enables them to access that whenever and wherever they want.” The company is at the forefront of this new technology and as the chairman of Spare Backup, Cery Perle, said about the user-friendly application, “[It] suits the busy lifestyle of our international client base.”

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