Dr. Daniel L. Farkas, CEO of Spectral Molecular Imaging, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cascade Technologies, appeared this week on MoneyTV, describing the company’s proprietary technology, and outlining Spectral’s plan for developing a line of optical imaging devices for the early detection of cancer, particularly melanoma.

The application of the company’s proprietary spectral-optical imaging technology, originally developed for satellite reconnaissance, is expected to advance the diagnosis of cancer and precancerous conditions. Spectral is focused on non-invasive imaging systems for diagnostics, especially in the field of cancer pathology. Using high-resolution imaging, the devices can analyze certain tissue, cellular, and even molecular features, enabling earlier detection and more reliable diagnosis of cancers, including melanoma and lung cancer.

Dr. Farkas noted that “By using hyperspectral imaging technology we hope to develop and provide the medical profession with an advanced early detection tool that can help to alleviate human suffering and save lives. For example, the American Cancer Society reported that for 2007 there were almost 60,000 cases of melanoma just in the United States — it is one of our fastest growing and most dangerous cancers. Yet with early detection we can hope for a 100% cure rate, while late detection is almost always fatal. Our imaging device under development, which we call SkinSpect™, is designed to enable the live, real-time identification and analysis of molecular, cellular and tissue features indicating cancer and other serious conditions, much earlier and more accurately than currently possible.”

He added, “Light is a rich investigational tool and while endoscopy has been quite successful, we believe that we can do better. Our goal is for SkinSpect™ and our other devices to become part of the standard of care in cancer detection, significantly improving patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.”

Spectral also expects to provide services related to its products, such as software modules and maintenance services. In addition, it plans to develop optical diagnostic products to operate in conjunction with real time surgical and/or evaluation procedures.

The full MoneyTV interview with Dr. Farkas is available at www.MoneyTV.net. For more information on Spectral Molecular Imaging, visit http://www.spectralmi.com

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