"Marvel’s Contest of Champions" just got bigger, as Marvel and Kabam have announced Spider-Gwen as a playable fighter for the mobile game. Since she debuted in "Edge of the Spider-Verse #2," the character has become an instant success with the fans, resulting in Spider-Gwen's elevation to an ongoing series, a move that was praised by many fans, as the comic turned out to be a success.

The announcement was made through IGN, where the character’s first gameplay video was shown along with an interview with the character’s current writer, Jason Latour. While the video shows off only the character's model for the game, fans can expect her to play like most of the other characters thanks to the simple touch-and-swipe controls of the Marvel game.

The Mary Sue also stated that the character’s comic will relaunch with the same creative team of writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez that made the comic such a success. The relaunched comic will hit comic book stores this fall, which will also be the debut date for Spider-Gwen in "Contest of Champions."

This isn’t the character’s first Marvel game, as Spider-Gwen was also an unlockable character in the highly addictive "Spider-Man: Unlimited" from Gameloft. She joined Spider-Man and other characters in a story reminiscent of the “Spider-Verse” event that was happening in Marvel comics, in which they took down a family that was trying to hunt them down and eat away at their life source.

For those unaware, Spider-Gwen takes place in an alternate reality where the spider bites Gwen Stacy instead of Peter Parker. She then calls herself Spider-Woman and continues to fight crime and make her version of New York safe. The character is also part of a rock band called the Mary Janes, in which the character plays drums for the group.

Though fans will have to wait till fall to use Spider-Gwen in the game and read her comic, those who haven’t experienced the title yet can download "Marvel’s Contest of Champions" right now. The title is a free-to-play mobile fighting game that features almost every Marvel character to date. 

Spider-Gwen Joins Marvel Contest of Champions (Credit: YouTube/IGN)