Spike Dolomite Ward now loves Obamacare.

Before Obama was elected, she campaigned for him. When Obama rolled out his healthcare plan, she became enraged. Writing in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece, Ward said she felt Obama let down the struggling middle class.

She then switched her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent. She took out the top of the h in her Got Hope Obama bumper sticker so that it read Got Nope.

But now, her bumper sticker will say ObamaCares.

What changed her mind was a provision in Obamacare called Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. It allows U.S. citizens and legal residents with pre-existing conditions to get health coverage if they have been without coverage for at least sixth months. 

Ministered by either individual states or the U.S. Department of Health, the premiums for this coverage are quite affordable.

Ward, who was previously without health insurance, was recently diagnosed with third-stage breast cancer. She initially panicked about paying for the treatment. Then, she said she was saved by the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan.

For me it's been a lifesaver - perhaps literally, wrote Ward.

Ward spent much of the opinion piece emphasizing that she is not a deadbeat. A 49-year-old mother of two and married for 20 years, she and her husband at one point had to decide between paying for the mortgage and paying for health insurance. They chose paying for the mortgage.

We're just ordinary, middle-class people, making an honest living, raising great kids and participating in our community, the kids' schools and church, wrote Ward.

Ward's experience may relate to what Obama claims his own late mother went through.

My mother, when she contracted cancer, the insurance companies started suggesting that, well, maybe this was a preexisting condition; maybe you could have diagnosed it before you actually purchased your insurance. Ultimately, they gave in, but she had to spend weeks fighting with insurance companies while she's in the hospital bed, writing letters back and forth just to get coverage for insurance that she had already paid premiums on, said Obama in 2009.