Another Siri port, dubbed Spire, reportedly brings Apple's personal, voice assistant to any jailbroken device running iOS 5?

The new port is the creation of iPhone developer Chpwn  and Ryan Petrich. Petrich had earlier hacked an iPhone 3GS to run Siri, and Chpwn aka. Grant Paul has developed apps which are available in the Cydia app store, where Spire is also available.

According to Chpwn, Spire, while installing, will download Siri itself (from Apple's servers). Chpwn recommends users to avail of Wi-Fi since the download file is about 100MB.

After its installation, however, a major hurdle for Spire remains - the Siri still needs to be authenticated by Apple and information needs to be sent from an iPhone 4S.

To insert this information, Spire allows you to enter your own proxy server address, Chpwn wrote. The proxy server acts as a middle man between the Siri and Apple's servers.

 Spire is far from perfect, but at least at this point in time, it's the best that I can do, Chpwn wrote in his blog. Maybe in the future someone will find a way to evade the authorization requirement, but from my position here that’s unlikely. Hopefully, however, you’ll be able to figure something out.

Chpwn has suggested several options to get the proper proxy that will allow the user's Siri to connect to Apple. One can buy an iPhone 4S or use his close and trusted friend's iPhone 4S for the authentication tokens, because all his data will run through Siri servers. Another way is paying a fee to rent a space on a Siri proxy.

More interestingly, according to Chpwn, using Spire might allow iPhone users to access Android rival Cluzee or Google's Majel.

Chpwn also said Spire is free from the copyright issues.

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