Dr. Werner Spitz testified on Saturday duct tape found on or near Caylee Anthony's skull was not placed on her face before her body began to decompose.

Prosecutors say Casey Anthony, the 2-year old's mother, smothered and killed the toddler on June 16, 2008 using duct tape.

There was no evidence of skin on the duct tape, Spitz, a forensic pathologist said, according to Reuters. There would have been DNA on that tape if it had been placed on the face.

Spitz also said the prosecution's medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia made a shoddy autopsy because she did not open Caylee's skull, Reuters reported.

Spitz said his autopsy found that brain residue showed the skull's position as Caylee's body was decomposing.

A prosecutor cross examining Spitz pointed to a book co-written by Spitz, asking him to show any instruction about the need to always open the skull in an autopsy.

Spitz said his book was not about protocols, but findings.

While giving his testimony, Spitz used a skull as a prop to make his points, which he explained did not belong to Caylee.

Casey Anthony cried after seeing it, according to the report.