Only one episode remains for “Life is Strange,” and Square Enix has released a launch trailer to celebrate the occasion. The episodic series from Square Enix and developer Dontnod Entertainment has engrossed fans everywhere, now it’s all coming to ahead.

Shacknews reported that the trailer doesn’t spoil the shocking cliffhanger from the fourth episode, but it does answer some major questions fans have had, while also hinting that Max’s powers might be tied to the apocalypse. It will be interesting to see if Max can stop the end of the world and save Arcadia Bay, as the game is filled with consequential actions.

The trailer shows Max in disarray, as she narrates through the trailer, viewers can feel her pain and dilemma, while she contemplates on what she has to do. Despite having the ability to time travel, Max realizes how very little control she has over reality, but will still do whatever it takes to save everyone.

Max’s powers being responsible for the apocalypse has been a fairly popular fan theory and is one of the heavier topics discussed in the trailer. While the trailer doesn’t actually prove that the end of the world is related to her powers, Max seems pretty confident that they are.

Judging from the feel of the trailer, it looks like fans are going to feel a lot of heartache when they play “Polarized,” the name of the finale. Max says she has to make this right and it looks like she’s going to have to start from the beginning and maybe even lose her meaningful relationships with Chloe and Warren.

Fans should be able to download the episode fairly soon, as Polygon reported that the final episode should be available now. All the choices that players have made in “Life is Strange” have led to this moment and fan reaction will probably be loud.

All five episodes of “Life is Strange” are now available for download on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. It will be interesting to see if all five episodes get a retail release, since that usually happens with these episodic games.

Life is Strange Finale Launch Trailer (ESRB) (Credit: YouTube/Life Is Strange)