SpongeTech(R) Delivery Systems, Inc. announced that its Uncle Norman’s(TM) Pet Sponge, a one-step pet bath sponge, is now for sale at 300 select PETCO stores nationwide.

This one-step pet bath sponge is embedded with a gentle shampoo, coat conditioner, odor inhibitor, and special massage bumps to safely, gently and effectively clean pets. These ingredients are uniquely embedded into a hydrophilic foam product that withholds the bacterial growth in the sponge. The pet sponges are earth-friendly and can be used eight or more times depending on the size of the pet.

“We are excited to have the Uncle Norman’s(TM) Pet Sponges available at PETCO,” stated SpongeTech(R)’s COO, Steve Moskowitz. “This is a major milestone for SpongeTech(R) and we will continue to expand our list of retail distribution for the various product lines.”