With being “green” in the air, consumers are continuously on the lookout for items that are more environmentally friendly at a good price. In the market of cleaning products for instance, consumers look for items that they can reuse again and again with outstanding results. Companies that offer diversity in their reusable cleaning products fair a little better in the market, especially when they offer a specialized, reusable product at the top of their selection. Large consumer based companies such as food market chains are more inclined to go with reusable solutions as well.

When chains consisting of numerous, high volume stores send purchase orders, they can get extremely large resulting in a positive change that is not far behind. Positive change happens for the employees and the company as a whole. As an old adage states, offer a good, reliable product and you won’t go hungry.

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of reusable cleaning products, has taken the front seat by receiving a very large purchase order for their specialized sponges. These aren’t your ordinary sponges either. They are a line of highly advanced, reusable products developed with customers in mind.

Wakefern Food Corp., the merchandising and distribution hub for supermarket chain ShopRite, has just placed their first major purchase order to SpongeTech for its products. The sound of the company’s products being in sold in six different states, at over 200 stores, which sell to over 5 million people every week, is welcome news for SpongeTech as well as to investors.