Though some may frown upon the concept of 'working remotely,' it is actually better than being physically present at an office desk. Why? Read below to find out studies about this industry phenomenon.

In today's overly-modern technological sphere, there isn't anything that's impossible to do with a computer or Internet connection. People can pay their bills, purchase almost anything they want from food to home décor, and most importantly - work and earn a living anywhere they want.

There are many studies supporting the fact that working from home, or anywhere with a steady internet connection is more productive than being in an office. Not only does it increase the productivity rate because employees can do anything they want as long as they get 'the job done,' it also strengthens and builds colleague relationships and virtual teams.

Another benefit gained from working remotely is the lessening rate of sick leaves from UK employees by as much as 60%. Because these workers tend to perform their tasks in a comfortable environment, stress levels are decreased and the chances of developing a work-related illness are getting low.

Flexible working also entails many benefits and for many companies, this might be the answer to a higher productivity rate, better communication, and a more proficient level of performance.

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