Sport Endurance, Inc., an emerging health supplement company, recently announced that the company has secured an agreement with Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. to deliver proprietary products to more than 15,000 national grocery and convenience stores within the next quarter. The company’s proprietary products include its 8-Hour Energy Liquid Gel Caps, Liquid Creatine Liquid Gel Caps and natural Sleep Aid Liquid Gel Caps.

Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. is a unique, 20-year old group of direct-store-delivery retail merchandisers, wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale-to-distributors, food and beverage distributors, and wholesalers currently servicing 44,000 stores. Mr. Checkout also works with an additional 250 distributors who represent up to 100,000 retail stores.

Robert Timothy, chief executive officer of Sport Endurance, Inc., stated, “We are pleased and excited to begin the initial phase of our aggressive sales campaign by distributing our Liquid Gel Cap products to thousands of nationwide convenience and grocery store locations.” Mr. Timothy continued, “We look forward to working with Mr. Checkout Distributors and other distribution companies to push our revolutionary products into the hands of customers throughout the nation.”

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