Sports reporter Barry Deley is one lucky man: he won a $2 million BC Children's Hospital Dream Lottery on Monday and best of all, his longtime Global TV BC colleagues Sophie Lui and Squires Barnes were the ones to announce it.

The drawing took place on Monday in Global BC's lobby during the station's Noon News Hour.

When the two found out that someone called Barry Deley had the winning ticket they seemed incredulous and at times at a loss for words.

How's it spelled? Lui asked.

D-E-L-E-Y, Arran Henn, Global weather broadcaster, who was reporting on the drawing, responded.

That's Barry, Barnes replied.

No it's not, Lui said. You've got be kidding me.

OK. Seriously. Where does the person live? Barnes asked, learning that the person lived in Port Moody, BC, the same place his coworker lives.

When it was confirmed that it was indeed their sports reporter coworker, Barnes made a call to Deley who was out shopping for grocery at the time.

Hey, Barry. I'm on the air. They just drew a name, Barry Deley, for that house lottery, Barnes said while on the phone with Deley. I'm not kidding.

You know people are going to think this is kind of fishy don't you? Deley asked.

Deley said he dreamt about this happening but it never comes true, adding that he doesn't believe it.

Barnes told Deley to hold the line so he could check the address on the ticket.

It was Deley's winning ticket.

Deley said his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia seven years ago.

We always tried to support the lottery and it's unbelievable, Deley told his coworkers on air. I can't think straight here.

Deley had the choice to walk away with one of five top prizes that included four homes worth between $2.1 million and $2.5 million or $2 million cash.

Deley didn't say which one he would select.

Watch the big win happen in the video below: