SportsNet - March 2012

Houston Texans: Path to the Draft #2

on March 30 2012 5:14 PM

With it still to this day being widely accepted the Texans will (better) take a wide receiver in the first round today we will look at another selection who is projected to fall to them anywhere around 22-30 overall. Alshon being my first choice and still my favorite receiver in the draft and who I strongly believe will pan out as the best receiver in the class in a couple years just solidified his first round status at his pro day. He caught everything that touched his hands and ran multiple 40 yd dashes for the scouts which ranged from high 4.4 to 4.55. Today though we will look at the next best selection and that being in Georgia Tech wideout Stephen Hill Hill really flew under the radar for a lot of scouts until he made a big splash at the combine. The offense ran at Georgia only sent the ball to Hill 28 times last year, the best part was for 28 for 820 yards which led the nation in yards per catch at 29.3. Hill really stood out in the combine which is where all the players who are standouts on mediocre teams can come prove themselves and give everyone a taste.

Master's 2012: Sexism Must End at Augusta National

on March 30 2012 1:22 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to see Virginia Rometty, IBM's new chief executive officer, make an appearance at Augusta National Golf Club in a green jacket during the 2012 Masters? 

No woman has ever been a member of the private club that hosts golf's most prestigious tournament. While a lack of minorities was addressed in 1990 when Ron Townsend became the first black member of the club, women remained excluded from membership at Augusta.

Since its opening in 1933, there has never been a female member. It has probably never even come close. Its only thought, or non-consideration, was made public in 2002 by Martha Burk, then-chair of the National Council on Women's Organizations, when she contested the sexism of the club to former chairman William "Hootie" Johnson. The result was Johnson reaffirming the club's stance on a male-only membership.

Tennis had its own version of Augusta National: the Westside Tennis Club founded in 1892 in Forest Hills, NY. The club hosted the United States Lawn Tennis Association National Championship, later renamed the U. S. Open, from 1915 to 1977. 

English Premier League Weekend Preview

on March 30 2012 10:44 AM
English Premier League Weekend Preview

Aston Villa vs Chelsea 

As Sir Alex Ferguson would have called it, Chelsea are fast approaching a squeaky bum time. After matches against the likes of Villa and Wigan, Chelsea would approach a run of games which could make or break their season. A return to the league may mark the return of the likes of Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba.  Chelsea to post a victory at Villa Park.

Everton vs West Brom

The Toffees have a chance to surpass their Merseyside rivals should they come up trumps against a resurgent West Brom side. Everton to overcome the West Brom challenge in this one.

Fulham vs Norwich

Fulham at home have been a completely different side. Martin Jol's men would like to end the run of three defeats. On the other hand Norwich city are just one short of the 40 point magical figure which should safeguard them against relegation. There could be some late goals in this fixture with Fulham registering a win. 

Man City vs Sunderland

Milan 0 - 0 Barcelona

on March 29 2012 12:12 PM

When giants like Milan and Barca meet, there is always something you can expect. The score line read 0-0 after full time, but it was a classic Milan versus an energetic Barca. Milan stuck to what they do good and earned a decent result before going to Nou Camp.  Barcelona surely will have to find a way out to get past the Milan defense before the return leg at home. The San Siro was like a fortress and Barca never really got in the groove, with their quick passes and superior mid-field play.

Barca had a penalty appeal turned down when Abbiatti brought down Sanchez but other than that Milan never really gave a chance to Barca to come forward. Robinho missed a very good chance to go ahead. A few minutes later, Ibrahimovic too squandered a chance, when he was released by a gem of a pass by Seedorf.

Seedorf was clearly the man for Milan, the veteran playing an important role in all the attacking passes and coming back in time to hold the defence. Messi was heavily marked by Ambrosini and Nesta who played a pivotal role in the back.

This was a game where two playing styles met against each other. Such games though scoreless, still go on as classics.

Barcelona - AC Milan: Pitch Conditions Hinder Catalans Performance in Champions League [Leg 1]

on March 29 2012 11:49 AM
Barcelona - AC Milan: Pitch Conditions Hinder Catalans Performance in Champions League [Leg 1]

Wednesday's Champion's League clash between European giants F.C. Barcelona and A.C. Milan brought some controversy to the table due to the poor condition of the pitch.

To anyone who saw the match, it was obvious that from the start the field was in a horrendous condition as Barcelona players were slipping and sliding all over, losing their footing, and having trouble controlling the ball and connecting passes.

For Barcelona, a club that prides its strategy on ball possession, the quality of the pitch was very problematic. Barcelona stated that the two clubs came to an agreement prior to the match for Milan to introduce the field in optimum conditions on game day, but it seems as though the Italian club failed to coincide.

This, in turn, prompted the Catalan club to issue a formal complaint to UEFA. It remains to be seen whether or not UEFA takes any action.

One thing is for certain, Barcelona's playing style was interrupted by the field's condition and Milan has been known this season for presenting their pitch in abysmal conditions against "passing sides."

The return leg will be played next Tuesday at Camp Nou.