SportsNet - March 2012

Houston Texans: Path to the Draft

on March 26 2012 5:33 PM

As the NFL Draft draws near and is a month away we will take a look at what the Houston Texans are going to look to invest their first round pick in. First need that needs to be addressed and is widely accepted by all draft experts is the glaring need at a legit number two wide receiver who can be later groomed into the number one once Andre Johnson retires as he is not getting any younger.

A Quick Lesson in Class: Tom Izzo Style

on March 24 2012 10:36 PM

Most post-game news conferences are the same.

After a disappointing loss, coaches tend to be irritated and are short with their answers. Often times, coaches come up with excuses as to why they lost and what the referees called, or didn't call for that matter. It is a rarity to find a coach who maintains his class and composure in a disappointing defeat.

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is one of those rare coaches.

During his post-game interview after the Spartans' loss to Louisville, Izzo was thoughtful, calm, and respectful. Instead of trying to make excuses as to why his team lost, he recognized the reasons, saying that they were out-rebounded and were not on their shooting game.

Basically, Izzo was refreshingly candid as to why Michigan State lost. But he also did it without putting his team down and didn't deny giving Louisville the credit they deserved.

Many times we don't see that in the sports world. Most of the time, coaches play the blame game, or are around the bush with reasons why their team came up short.

English Premier League Weekend Preview

on March 23 2012 12:24 PM
English Premier League Weekend Preview

A preview to the games played this weekend in English Premier League with predictions to where this week's game are headed.

Who gets closer to the title, who gets relegated, who stays in the Champions League?

Chelsea  vs Tottenham  Hotspur

2 sides struggling for the elusive fourth Champions League spot. Both sides have a point to prove after the mid-week disappointments. Chelsea on their home turf would like to register a win and mount a challenge for the fourth spot. Spurs on the other hand would like to get themselves out of a slump that has seen them with just 1 win in last 5 games. Expecting Chelsea to overcome Spurs challenge.

Bolton vs Blackburn Rovers

It will be difficult for Bolton players to lift themselves up after agonizing events of last week's FA cup tie. Blackburn has put up a decent string of results to lift them out of relegation. Blackburn to continue their recent revival.

Norwich City vs Wolves

Real Madrid Still Face Competition from Barcelona

on March 23 2012 12:19 PM
Real Madrid Still Face Competition from Barcelona

After a nine-man Real Madrid side suffered another La Liga title bump to earn a 1-1 draw against Villarreal, Jose Mourinho's squad let Barcelona right back in the title race.

Indeed, it remains "a two-horse race."

The Catalans have closed the gap, but Real Madrid are still in the driver's seat.

The fact is, no team no matter how big, how rich, or how far their history dates back can simply win forever. It has to stop somewhere.

David beat Goliath and Madrid stand as the Goliath now. It's not as though Real Madrid have an easy schedule the rest of the way. Valencia, Osasuna, and Athletico Madrid could make things difficult for Los Galacticos.

Messi and Co. are capable of a comeback, especially with an April 22 date with Real Madrid at Camp Nou still on the schedule.

Barcelona can certainly lose a game from here on out, but if there is a club that can go on a winning streak it's Pep Guardiola's squad. They will put up a fight like no other team and the title race could be poised for a showdown.

Salary Arbitration: What it is and How it Works in Major League Baseball

on March 22 2012 10:16 PM
Salary Arbitration: What it is and How it Works in Major League Baseball

Who is Eligible?

Major League Baseball free agency is different than other sports in that a player cannot become a free agent until they have accumulated six full years of Major League service time. Salary arbitration comes into play when a player and club cannot agree on a contract prior to the player accumulating the six years of service and their contract ending. Two other classes of players are eligible for arbitration as well.  Players who have filed for free agency can be offered salary arbitration from their teams. They can chose to except rather than becoming free agents. Then they go through the arbitration process like the other eligible players. The other group of players are commonly referred to as Super 2 players. This group of players is comprised of players who have played for two years but less than three. Additionally they must have accumulated 86 days of service in the previous season and rank in the top 17 percent of total service time in their class.

How the arbitration process works?