SportsNet - April 2012

Formula 1: Chinese Grand Prix - Big Win for Mercedes

on April 16 2012 8:52 AM

What a perfect race by Nico Rosberg to claim the first win of his career from pole to finish.

Rosberg, the son of 1982 champion Keke, also scored the first win for Mercedes as an individual team since 1955. Mercedes left the sport in 1955 after the last race for them as a team ending in victory by Juan Manuel Fangio at the Italian Grand Prix. Mercedes brought the 2009 winning team Brawn GP in 2010 to set up an independent team, though they are engine partners to other teams. Team principal Ross Brawn was very happy with the result and this was evident when they were celebrating loudly on the radio.

With New Owner, the Hornets Could Become Next Successful NBA Franchise

on April 16 2012 8:51 AM
With New Owner, the Hornets Could Become Next Successful NBA Franchise

Tom Benson sat in front of an NBA logo on Friday as he announced his decision to purchase the New Orleans Hornets. He read a prepared statement, then opened it up to the press to ask questions.

The first question was about football.

Benson, who also owns the New Orleans Saints, was asked by Times Picayune writer Jimmy Smith on how close the Saints were to signing Drew Brees. Benson answered as deftly as an 85-year-old man can manage, then fielded other softball questions about his newest business acquisition.

But the questions about football remained.

On Monday morning, Steve Czaban of XL 950 Indianapolis reported the purchase only to point out, "the man just spent $340 million, and he can't sign Drew Brees to a contract?"

Never mind that's not how salary caps work. Never mind the Saints are waiting for more money to be available to work out a deal. Never mind that the Saints have plenty of time to sign Brees. The only spin Czaban could give the Hornets purchase was a negative one that had nothing to do with the NBA franchise at all.

The future of English Football

on April 15 2012 3:54 PM

The foreign influx in the league is often a popularly cited reason for the recent failures of England in international competitions. The argument is that the very high number of foreign players in the English Premier League (EPL) hinder the development of English talent coming through because English players are not being given a chance. In reality what the foreign influx has done is to  change the landscape of the league.  The cultural aspects that defined English football, its pace, its physicality, its tactical naivety, its preference of industry over creativity, are no longer strict truisms. Vast investments and relaxed rules have allowed the league to have 70% foreign players as well as a significant number of foreign coaches and managers thus resulting in an altering of the DNA of the EPL. The league's new identity is borne out by recent statistics.

Demaryius Thomas Glad to See Tebow Go: Thomas Drops the Ball Again.

on April 13 2012 7:06 PM

You know what this article is about.

So let's start with some facts. Thomas has done little in his two years in the NFL. Thomas did not even play last season until the Broncos faced the Dolphins on October 23, Tebow's first game as a starter.

If Tebow had ANYTHING to do with Thomas's starting that game, Tebow will be forgiven for cursing.  Even if he says it out loud.

Now let's get some stats. Thomas's 32 catches in 2011 was 10 more than he had in 2010. He nearly doubled his receiving yards, from 283 to 551. He doubled his TDs, a grand total of 4 for 2011. And finally, he had that playoff game winning touchdown catch against the Steelers. Now people outside of "The League" know his name.

He even got to throw a pass in the Tebow Offense! And... it was incomplete. 

Thomas has a history of dropping the ball, even when Tebow was not delivering him another "duck." At Georgia Tech, Thomas developed a reputation as a receiver with great potential, but one that routinely dropped the ball. The most infamous drop occurred against the interstate rival, the Georgia Bulldogs, in 2009.

Premier League Predictions and Previews [April 14-15]

on April 13 2012 1:01 PM
Premier League Predictions and Previews [April 14-15]

With FA Cup Semifinals this week we have less matches this week but the decisive battle for the Premier League Champions and the relegation battle just got more interesting.

Norwich vs Man City

Roberto Mancini by admitting Man United as a stronger side has started a fresh round of mind games. City was back to the free flowing football they were playing for the most parts of the season. Norwich has exceeded expectation this season and any points from now on are a bonus. The last meeting between the two sides resulted in a 5 - 1 defeat for Norwich. Perhaps they could payback some of those goals this time.

Sunderland vs Wolves

Wolves are just going through the motions without anything to offer. This season has been a dismal one for them. Sunderland under Martin O Neill has done very well and at home they look to climb higher in the league table with a victory over the Wolves.

Swansea vs Blackburn