SportsNet - June 2012

Arsenal Rumors: How Clint Dempsey Can Help

on June 30 2012 9:09 PM
Arsenal Rumors: How Clint Dempsey Can Help

Fulham's Clint Dempsey has said on the record that he wants to play Champions League football. It's also common knowledge that Arsenal is interested in the United States attacker. With rumors of Arsenal discussing Dempsey's transfer to the Emirates, here are some ways the league's fourth leading scorer from last season can contribute to the Gunners.

The addition of Dempsey would infuse toughness into Arsenal's attack on the wings or in the attacking midfield position, something that neither Gervinho, Aaron Ramsey or Theo Walcott provide in high amounts. Dempsey has a reputation for playing with unmatched ferocity that sometimes results in others getting hurt. For example, he caught Chelsea's John Terry in the jaw with an errant elbow in 2007. He did something similar to Phil Jones of Manchester United in December. Not only will Dempsey be tough, he'll play defense as well.

Euro 2012: Mario Balotelli Observations, Diving and More

on June 30 2012 10:08 AM
Euro 2012: Mario Balotelli Observations, Diving and More

1)    The European Cup brings out the passion and emotion of countless fans, and it also brings out the crazies. Especially on the pitch. Case in point: Mario Balotelli (a.k.a Super Mario or Psycho Mario). After scoring his second goal against a suddenly porous German team (maybe they should bring helium to their games to detect leaks) he frightened children and small animals worldwide by whipping off his shirt and becoming a psilomelaine statue of The Hulk posing for Muscle Magazine. It was like looking at a negative of a steroid-free Schwarzenegger doing a Front Lat Spread.

Speaking of porous, the only other memorable image of him in my mind's eye is teammate Bonucci covering Balotelli's mouth with his hand to shut off whatever crazy was leaking out after his goal against Ireland. Is this what our children will be mentoring now? I fear for soccer's future...and how long I can stop myself from gouging out my mind's eye with a spoon.

NBA Draft 2012: Top 5 Draft Fits From Jared Sullinger To Harrison Barnes

on June 29 2012 6:09 PM
NBA Draft 2012: Top 5 Draft Fits From Jared Sullinger To Harrison Barnes

High 5

Analyzing the results of the NBA Draft, there were picks that were expected and picks that were not. The first big surprise of the night came when the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Dion Waiters with the fourth overall pick, ahead of the higher rated players like Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, and Thomas Robinson. This is a huge gamble for a franchise trying to move on since the LeBron James departure and having to 'Witness' him winning a championship with the Miami Heat. Other surprises included seeing Baylor forward Perry Jones III slip all the way to the Thunder at No. 28 and the Rockets not completing a draft day trade for Dwight Howard.

After reviewing the results, here are the five winners of the night.

London Olympics 2012: Decision To Snub David Beckham of Football Squad is Petty and Vindictive

on June 29 2012 12:19 PM

You can count on England for one thing. They are the best at shooting themselves in the foot rather than at a penalty shoot out! While Roy Hodgson makkes puzzling decisions as manager of England's national team, Stuart Pearce has returned the favor as manager of Great Britain's Olympics squad by snubbing David Beckham as one of the three over-23 exceptions for the Olympic roster while simultaneously using him to promote the Games.

Both are intransigant, obstinate individulas who have won nothing at personal level and see people like Beckham with envious eyes. Whilst David Beckham has had success through outstanding ability, the Pearces of this world can only look on wishing they had that X-factor. What results is the same as with Hodgson, spiteful personal pettiness and settling of grudges at the cost of the national team.

MLS: Who is the Best Forward in America?

on June 29 2012 8:57 AM
MLS: Who is the Best Forward in America?

Forwards in any team are vital. Without goals, you can't win games. I once heard one commentator state "no one comes to a football match to watch defenders". So to pay homage to the players that win matches, I will determine who the best forward in the MLS is.

Thierry Henry

Probably the most well-known forward in MLS, Henry has had a glistening career in Europe prior to his American debut. He started his career in the principality of Monaco where he spent five years playing in Ligue 1 before he moved to Juventus. However Arsenal came knocking and he quickly swapped Serie A for the Barclays Premier League. Part of the invincible team that took the Premier by storm, Henry became Arsenal's all-time top goal scorer. But Henry left his beloved Arsenal in 2007 for Barcelona and won the UEFA Champions League. "Mr va va voom" joined the Red Bulls in 2010, has since become an ambassador of the sport in America and has scored 25 goals since 2010, Henry hasn't played every game. However his influence on the pitch is second to only David Beckham. He has achieved cult status in fewer than three years.

Robbie Keane