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Euro 2012: The Disappointing XI

on June 20 2012 6:54 PM
Euro 2012: The Disappointing XI

Here's a look at 11 players who didn't quite play to their expectations:

GK: Shay Given (Ireland) - In some ways it's unfair to pick any Ireland player as 'disappointing' as they aren't very good in the first place and not much was expected of them, but Given's been a Premier League goalkeeper for 15 years and still plays for a decent club in Aston Villa. He's just not been at the races in any of Ireland's three games, making a series of mistakes. The own goal was unlucky, but his generally play has been terrible.

LB: Jethro Willems (Holland) - OK, he's young, but for the first two games he had two defensive midfielders in front of him, and his distribution was particularly awful, even if he couldn't live with some of the talented wingers attacking him.

DC: Richard Dunne (Ireland) - In this tournament, the big man was a parody of himself. Running through treacle chasing some of the nippy forwards on show.

DC: Jonny Heitinga (Holland) - Terrible. It's known that the Dutch can't defend, but he was bad even considering this, and was dropped for the third game.

Manchester United Transfer News: Modric or Sneijder the Right Fit?

on June 20 2012 4:56 PM
Manchester United Transfer News: Modric or Sneijder the Right Fit?

Manchester United may feel a sense of deja vu right about now following last summer's transfer window.

United are in a similar position as they were last year when Wesley Sneijder was highly linked with a move to Old Trafford. This season, the situation is similar but with a different player. United are still pursuing a playmaker, but this time it's 26-year-old Croatian Luka Modric.

United appear to be in a desperate search of a creative midfielder. Recent reports claim Modric is close to joining the Red Devils. 

However, the Modric transfer saga took a new twist during the Euro 2012. Mate Bilic, a former Croatia teammate and a good friend of Modric told the press that Modric was close to agreeing to a move to Spain.

The situation may be critical for United. The Red Devils need to find another central midfielder if Modric considers moving to Real Madrid.

As of now United have Paul Scholes but the Red Devils need younger players who can help build another Champions League contender.

Russell Westbrook: Allen Iverson Must Watch OKC Guard with Great Curiousity

on June 20 2012 4:22 PM
Russell Westbrook: Allen Iverson Must Watch OKC Guard with Great Curiousity

Russell Westbrook played the best game of his still young NBA career last night, and it still wasn't enough to lead the Thunder to a Game Four victory against Miami in the NBA Finals

The 43-point performance was among the best individual Finals scoring effort in recent years considering the stakes of the game and quality of competition he was up against.

An issue that has dogged Westbrook all season, though, is that despite his consistent statistics and being a key part of his team's success, he remains a lightning rod for criticism due to his playmaking skills. Whether it's him taking shots away from Kevin Durant or making reckless decisions, he's been on everyone's short list for people taking potshots to take at.

In this season's playoffs, he's taken a step up and has seemingly used the negativity going toward him as fuel to make his play better. Westbrook has done this in a way very similar to how Allen Iverson use to lead the Philadelphia 76ers.

NY Jets News: Dustin Keller Deserving of a New Contract?

on June 20 2012 4:07 PM
NY Jets News: Dustin Keller Deserving of a New Contract?

The New York Jets drafted Dustin Keller in the 2008 NFL Draft and the then-newest addition to the team was promptly booed by the plethora of Jets fans in the stands while those same Jets fans revered Vernon Gholston.

Keller is not only still on the Jets roster, but is one of Mark Sanchez's favorite targets, while Gholston is on the path to early retirement.

Keller seems to be Sanchez's safety blanket and often serves as the main target on key downs. When Keller's number is called he almost never drops a pass.

His speed is above average, especially with his size (6'2, 250 pounds), he provides an easy target for Sanchez.  Also, Keller's stats have considerably increased over the years. 

For the 2008 and 2009 season he posted similar stats with 535 receiving yards and three touchdowns receptions, and 522 yards with two touchdowns, respectively. In the 2010 season, Keller accrued 687 receiving yards and caught five touchdown passes. Last season, he posted 815 receiving yards and five touchdown receptions

NBA Draft 2012: Predictions and Notable Player Developments

on June 20 2012 2:29 PM
NBA Draft 2012: Predictions and Notable Player Developments

The 2012 NBA Draft is about a week away but there is no shortage of news about it.

There is one thing that's for sure, and that is Kentucky's Anthony Davis being selected with the first overall pick by the New Orleans Hornets.  

Here is a look at other things to watch for with the NBA Draft looming:

Charlotte Bobcats

In addition to giving their uniforms a much needed update, there are rumors the Bobcats are open to trading away the second overall pick. The thinking here is that they are trying to bring in a young veteran so that the team will have an easier time picking up wins here and there. One of the more high profile players rumored to be involved is Tyreke Evans from the Sacramento Kings. Evans would go to Charlotte, along with the fifth overall pick in exchange for the second overall pick. The Kings would then have a choice between Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kansas's Thomas Robinson and Florida's Bradley Beal. All three of these players would be a fantastic choice for the Kings but Robinson would most likely be the selection there if this trade actually happens.