SportsNet - July 2012

Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Possible Destinations for Berbatov

on July 16 2012 5:26 AM
Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Possible Destinations for Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov released a statement on the 15th July stating "I'm no use to anyone if he's sat on the bench. It would be best for everyone if I move on." So the Bulgarian feels that his services are obsolete at United and a move would be welcomed with open arms.

Berbatov played for Bayer Leverkusen between 2001 and 2006 scoring 69 goals in 154 games. It seems a link between the two parties won't go away. Leverkusen have already signed Philipp Wollscheid and Junior Fernandes but they still lack a goal scoring machine such as Berbatov. Perhaps a move to Germany is on the cards but with Dortmund instead of Leverkusen. Lewandowski was linked heavily with United and a swap deal could work nicely for both teams. They are both 20-goals-a-season strikers and this move may snowball during the United tour as Berbatov has been named in the squad.

Boston Celtics News: Celtics Dominate Orlando Summer League

on July 15 2012 12:50 PM

After a successful first round of summer league basketball, the Boston Celtics will now be traveling to Las Vegas. But before we look ahead, lets look back at some of the standouts and also see how their new rookies did in their first NBA action.

The Celtics went 4-1 this week down in Orlando, and a large part of that was from the contributions of Dionte Christmas, E'Twaun Moore, Jared Sullinger, and Kris Joseph.

To start out, Dionte Christmas was the biggest surprise. I didn't know who he was before the summer league began, but he really impressed me with what he can do.

Yesterday alone, Christmas had 21 points, 19 of them came in the first half. Throughout the whole week he had been consistent scoring 10 points four out of five games. He not only can score, but he can rebound and do all the intangibles. In his first game Christmas grabbed 10 rebounds, all of them were defensive. He plays great defense, brings a lot of energy, and he doesn't play out of control.

Football remains a simple game....according to Brendan Rodgers

on July 14 2012 4:33 PM
Football remains a simple game....according to Brendan Rodgers

Football remains a simple game, according to Brendan Rodgers.

 By Kevin Morley.

Last season Liverpool suffered from one major problem - they could not put the ball in the net.  If you do not score goals, you do not win games.  It matters not, how great your play has been, how much possession you have had, or how silky your football was.  No, the only thing that matters is that you scored more goals than the opposition.  Do this, and you get the points, deserved or not. 

The fans could see the problem last season.  The ex-players could see the problem.  Even the media pundits could see the problem - Liverpool just could not score the goals that their build up play had deserved.  There is one other person who saw the problem - Brendan Rodgers.  So, this week he went about taking strides to solve it and bought a forward who scores goals.  Not just a forward who scores goals, but a young forward who scores goals, and one with a resale value higher than what the club paid for him.  This is good business sense, good football sense and, more than anything else, plain and simple common sense.

Houston Rockets Desperately Trying To Trade For Dwight Howard

on July 13 2012 4:05 PM
Houston Rockets Desperately Trying To Trade For Dwight Howard

For a long time it looked like the Brooklyn Nets were going to do whatever it took to get Howard. However, after signing Brook Lopez to four-year $60 million contract, it appears that deal will not happen.

Several teams have had at least some interest, but the Magic are going to make sure that they get what they think is a fair deal before they let Howard go.

Howard, who signed a one-year option this past season, has said that the only team he would re-sign with is Brooklyn. That statement has kept some teams away, while others are willing to risk having him for just one season, hoping to convince him otherwise. It has been confusing, and it seems like it could drag on even longer. Someone will eventually come up with the right price for Howard, but the question is who?

The Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic have exchanged trade proposals in the past, but the two sides have apparently reconstructed their offers in order to make the trade more attractive to the Magic. The Rockets also decided recently to use their amnesty clause on Luis Scola to clear up extra cap room for Howard.

Why Kobe Bryant's Team USA Could Beat Jordan's Dream Team

on July 13 2012 3:27 PM
Why Kobe Bryant's Team USA Could Beat Jordan's Dream Team

Nobody knows when it began but Kobe Bryant has seemingly sought to eclipse Michael Jordan before he was even an 18-year-old NBA rookie. His next championship would be his sixth, like Jordan, and his next gold medal would give him two, like Jordan. He even grew a goatee similar to the one worn on Jordan's face during the '92 Olympic Games.

However, his comments about whether the 2012 incarnation would defeat the original Dream Team show he's got a little Clyde Drexler in him as well.

You may or may not remember the other quote Drexler gave Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum after he discussed Magic Johnson's inclusion on the Dream Team.

"I don't fear anyone. I don't think anybody was better than me," Drexler told McCallum. "I had a lot of success against Jordan. I beat him often. At his game. Which is also my game. I was bigger, faster. I did everything he could do. Except shoot more."