SportsNet - July 2012

Football: National Anthem Fiasco Offends Little Englanders

on July 27 2012 7:47 AM

It seems that yet again there is farce at the Olympics football tournament. Having already offended the North Korean football team by showing the wrong flag and then by stating that Joe Allen was English when he is Welsh is it really surprising that we now have London media driven hysteria over who sings the national anthem?

Welsh and particularly, Scottish players of both sexes have refused to sing the national anthem. They see it as the English national anthem, therefore they do not sing it. That should be their choice. However, at the moment, there seems to be an air of malevolence whenever anyone so much as criticises the Olympics. Take Mr Romneys innocent reply to a reporter about all the cock ups with the security firm G4s. All of a sudden we have Boris Johnson stirring up a fervent crowd of Londoners into a fury in some kind of perceived snub! All it needed was Alf Garnett to add a torrent of bigotted abuse to finish ot off!

How Randy Moss At 35 Compares To Greats Before Him

on July 26 2012 5:34 PM
How Randy Moss At 35 Compares To Greats Before Him

After taking a season-long break from the National Football League, wide receiver Randy Moss is back with the San Francisco 49ers. But he's now 35 and in the twilight of his career. The bright side of that is that he's on one of the best teams in the league. The down side of that is that Alex Smith, who isn't exactly an elite quarterback, will be throwing to him. But realistically, we should expect Moss to be the dominant receiver he's still capable of being. What exeactly should we expect? How will he compare to other greats before him at similar points in their careers? Just keep this phrase in mind: Cash, homie. Cash.

Ed Reed Reports To Baltimore Ravens Training Camp

on July 26 2012 5:02 PM
Ed Reed Reports To Baltimore Ravens Training Camp

All-Pro safety Ed Reed was present at the Baltimore Ravens' Under Armour Performance Center for the first day of training camp. Reed was a no call, no show for mandatory minicamp, and during the offseason, he repeatedly made public statements suggesting a dubious attitude towards returning to football this season.

Over his ten years in Baltimore, Reed has inspired awe in fans with his uncanny ability to make game changing defensive plays. At the same time he has elicited frustration, largely due to his annual talk of retirement and his tendency to publicly criticize team management. When cornerback Lardarius Webb received a six-year $50 million contract, Reed voiced his displeasure with his own contract and made it clear he felt disrespected by the Ravens brass.

Jets news: Tim Tebow?s Strength As A Football Player

on July 26 2012 11:11 AM
Jets news: Tim Tebow?s Strength As A Football Player

Will the New York Jets be the NFL team that finally realizes that Tim Tebow possesses a running style that gives him a specific football skill that is superior to every other player in the sport? When most quarterbacks run with the football, they usually prefer a shifty style that allows them to avoid contact.  Tebow, however, is different.  His straight-ahead style is more like a fullback in that he attempts to run over opposing defenders.

This, combined with his ability to throw, makes him the most dangerous player in football in short-yardage situations. I became aware of this ability during the 2006 Florida-Florida State game, when Florida coach Urban Meyer inserted the true freshman Tebow into the game nearly every time the Gators needed a single yard.  It worked numerous times on that day and played a big role in wearing down a strong Seminole defense in a 21-14 Gator victory.  From the stands of Doak Campbell Stadium, I realized that Tebow would always have a place in the pros as a short-yardage specialist. 

NFC North Preview: Weaknesses for Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings

on July 26 2012 9:11 AM

The NFC North is blighted by some of the softest pass defense in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers took division with a 15-1 record last season, despite ranking last in the league against the pass.

Here are the major weaknesses troubling the NFC North heading into the 2012 NFL season:

Chicago Bears: Offensive Line

Although the Chicago Bears ranked 28th in pass defense last season, count on their Tampa-2 scheme to tighten things up in 2012. The Bears' real weakness is the play of their offensive line.

Chicago's front five surrendered 49 sacks last season, after giving up 56 in 2010. Quite how those numbers recommended line coach Mike Tice for a promotion to offensive coordinator, is anybody's guess.

The Bears have some talent at the skill positions, particularly running back Matt Forte. They traded for wide receiver Brandon Marshall and added another tall flanker in the draft, with the selection of Alshon Jeffery.

However, all of those weapons will be rendered moot, if the Bears don't perform better up front.

Detroit Lions: Secondary