SportsNet - August 2012

Washington Nationals News: Complaints of Strasburg Limit Silly, Unfounded

on August 31 2012 10:47 PM
Washington Nationals News: Complaints of Strasburg Limit Silly, Unfounded

We know that the Washington Nationals made the decision to limit Stephen Strasburg's innings. It was a plan put in place after consultations with medical professionals, and it piggy-backs off the way they handled the Jordan Zimmermann situation last season. When the announcement was made, the number of people complaining about shutting down baseball's top pitching phenom was limited at best. More to the point, the inning restriction was made public before the season even began, and nary a sound was heard about the short-sighted nature of this particular thought process.

Arsenal News: Was It A Mistake To Stand Pat At The End Of The Transfer Window?

on August 31 2012 7:22 PM

This summer has been like a 100-meter sprint for Arsenal. The London club shot out of the gates quickly and kept up its torrid pace. But towards the finish line, it tripped and fell hilariously on its face. This summer's transfer window has been just like that, except it hasn't been funny for those who support the cannon.

After singing Santi Cazorla from Malaga earlier in August, conditions looked perfect for head coach Arsene Wenger to add yet another quality signing. But over three weeks later, nothing has materialized other than Robin van Persie and Alex Song leaving the club along with Nicklas Bendtner and Ju Young Park being loaned out to other clubs. And for supporters of the club, that is a huge disappointment.

What was shaping up to be an excellent summer for Arsenal ended with us wondering what in the world happened. Like a movie that ends suddenly and unsatisfactory, it left us wishing for more. One has to wonder if van Persie was right to criticize the ambition of the club; it took two steps forward and then took three steps back. After that it did nothing and then accepted what happened.

Robert Kraft proclaims Tom Brady as "The Best of All Time."

on August 31 2012 5:37 PM

New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, earlier today in an interview with dubbed his quarterback Tom Brady the greatest of all time.

In the interview Kraft candidly said, "I think that Tommy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana. I know that's a leap, but I really think he might already be the best of all time."

By committing to the opinion that Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana, Kraft automatically acknowledges that Brady is the best quarterback of all time and the second part of that quote isn't even necessary. Because quite honestly, Joe Montana was and is the greatest QB of all time and if your saying someone is even slightly better than "Joe Cool" than your crowning them no matter how respectfully your landing that shot.

Joe Montana is the Michael Jordan of the National Football League. Why? Because he went 4/4 in the Super Bowls he appeared in and ended up being the MVP three times.

That's why!

Life After the Dwight Howard Trade - Roster-Level Analysis For The Lakers, Magic and 76ers

on August 31 2012 4:33 PM

Give the Lakers some credit.  They've got an aging roster and the pulled to trigger to make a title run with Dwight Howard this year and hope they can resign him next year.  They also managed to keep Pau Gasol, which wasn't necessarily expected.  This was a big trade in an era of increasingly big trades, so let's have a look at what we think the rosters for the Lakers, Nuggets, 76ers and Magic are going to look like, barring more off-season moves.

The Lakers theoretically upgrade with Howard (we'll get to the risks involved in a minute), shore up the back-up point guard and swap backup power forwards.  Basically swapping another All-Star center, back-ups and conditional 1st and 2nd round draft picks.  Here's what the Laker's depth chart should look like:

C: Dwight Howard - Jordan Hill - Robert Sacre   PF: Pau Gasol - Earl Clark SF: Metta World Peace - Antwan Jamison - Devin Ebanks SG: Kobe Bryant - Jodie Meeks - Andrew Goudelock - Darius Johnson-Odom PG: Steve Nash - Steve Blake/Chris Duhon  - Darius Morris

Boston Celtics News: Rajon Rondo Sets Impossible Goal

on August 31 2012 4:24 PM

Rajon Rondo recently stated to ABS-CBN news that he hopes he is able to end his career "as the best to ever play" point guard in the history of the Boston Celtics. This is an admirable goal, but since he plays for a National Basketball Association team that had Bob Cousy on its roster for thirteen seasons, it is an unattainable one.

Cousy is on a short list of the most dominant NBA players of the 1950's. He amassed a career of achievement that was unrivaled upon his retirement in 1963 and five decades later has only been matched by a small number of players. He was a thirteen-time All-Star, a twelve-time All-NBA team selection, a two-time All-Star game Most Valuable Player, the 1957 regular season MVP and a member of six Celtic championship teams. Furthermore, he led the league in assists eight times, was an eighty percent career free-throw shooter and a bona-fide scoring threat. He averaged over twenty points per game four times and twice finished second in the NBA in average points scored per game.