SportsNet - September 2012

Two Weeks Down, 15 To Go On The Gridiron

on September 20 2012 12:53 PM


Now we know why the NFL season doesn’t end after Week 1.


-- My MVP, Joe Flacco, didn’t look nearly as lethal in Philadelphia as he did in his home stadium. And as good as my Comeback Player of the Year Peyton Manning looked against the Steelers, he looked that bad against the Falcons, who might not lose a game this year as long as they can get Michael Turner a taxi after them.


-- The Eagles are winning with smoke and mirrors, which, let’s face it, doesn’t matter as long as you win.


Their opponents this week, the Cardinals, are my surprise team of the year so far. With the most over-rated and under-rated quarterback in recent years, Arizona is 2-0 with the Patriots game out of the way.


-- The Giants must have thought the Buccaneers were going to play that last play like they were in the Pro Bowl.


Reality is, if the ball is fumbled, the Bucs are in field-goal range and if they score, Greg Schiano is a genius. There was nothing cheap about it and even my 5-year-old looked at the Bucs lining up and said, “Dad, they look serious.”


Champions League News: Oscar Shines but Chelsea Undone by Juve Comeback

on September 20 2012 2:53 AM
Champions League News: Oscar Shines but Chelsea Undone by Juve Comeback

Chelsea were back in action in Europe yesterday night. After their historic triumph in May and several departures from the squad albeit with a few notable additions, the Stamford Bridge crowd was eager to get on with it. The Champions League trophy was duly paraded before the adoring home crowd and chants of "We're the champions of Europe" resonated throughout the stadium. Juventus, the Old lady of Turin was in no mood to submit to Chelsea's carnival atmosphere, certainly when they have a certain Italian master on their books. The task was simple for Juventus. They had to exploit the weaknesses Chelsea have shown this season, despite their solid start this term. Add their own 42 match unbeaten run in the Serie A, Juventus could be excused for going for a win at the Bridge. Besides, returning to Europe's premier competition after a hiatus may have irked some of their cultured technicians. Even on that account alone, this match promised so much.


Giants, Panthers And Thursday Night Football Thoughts

on September 20 2012 1:44 AM
Giants, Panthers And Thursday Night Football Thoughts

This Thursday, we are treated to another primetime game in the NFL; a premier matchup with the defending Super Bowl champion Giants taking on the rising star of Cam Newton and the Panthers. This is the latest of 13 primetime games the NFL Network is carrying this season, up from 8 last year.


My first reaction to hearing about the additional games is, of course, joy. Who doesn't like more football? Who doesn't like the extra chance to see a live game, pause the DVR on 3rd down to see if you can identify the blitz package, and wrap it up with some musings from Prime Time. I love watching games on the NFL Network.


But that's primarily because I get the NFL Network. There are still millions of cable subscribers, mostly on Time Warner, that aren't getting the games (or the endless replays of top 100 greatest whatevers). And while this week's game is not a divisional game, 11 of the 13 are, bringing an unusual sense of importance to Thursday nights. 


Replacement Referees Hurting Integrity of the NFL

on September 19 2012 7:25 PM
Replacement Referees Hurting Integrity of the NFL


The National Football League has become a laughing stock over the first two weeks of the season. (And, no I am not talking about the Oakland Raiders.)


The NFL replacement referee's are too busy following their fantasy football teams (LeSean McCoy on replacement refs and fantasy football) or trying to referee their favorite NFL teams. 


Brian Stropolo was scheduled to be part of the crew as a side judge for the New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers game, but there was one problem: HE IS A SAINTS FAN!


PGA Tour Championship Starts Thurs., to Decide $10 M. FedEx Cup Winner

on September 19 2012 11:27 AM

The PGA Tour Championship starts Thurs., Sept. 20 through the week-end at East Lake in Atlanta, GA to decide who wins the FedEx Cup with total bonuses of $35 million, and $10 million dollars to the winner.  Everyone gets a piece of the pie with payouts like, $3 million for second, $2 million for third, and all the way to the 30th player getting $175,000. FedEx Cup leader Rory McIlroy with 4 wins this season is followed by Tiger Woods with 3 wins for the year. Nick Watney is 3rd; Phil Mickelson is 4th; and Brian Snedecker is 5th.  Even though each of the 30 players has a chance to win the FedEx Cup because points are reset for the Tour Championship, odds are that the winner will be from the top five. Can Milroy win three events in a row; Tiger capture that elusive major; or someone else sneak in for the win?