SportsNet - September 2012

Chelsea News: Roberto Di Matteo Must Switch To A More Fearful Tactic

on September 18 2012 1:27 PM
Chelsea News: Roberto Di Matteo Must Switch To A More Fearful Tactic

Reigning European Champions Chelsea have started the season on fire, in terms of there league position and the fact they are unbeaten. But all may not be as it seems.

Player un-rest is already being reported once again at The Bridge, namely coming from the likes of sulky Spaniard Fernando Torres, who was seen storming down the tunnel after being substituted at the weekend in the during their stalemate versus Queens Park Rangers.

If you look deeper than the results, dissect the performances and tactical stance of the Italian manager, then you will notice that he is still using a very cautious defensive approach, mainly by selecting a left back (Ryan Bertrand) and a box-to-box centre midfielder (Ramires) on either wings.

During this summer Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has spent big once again, bringing in an impressive array of attacking talent, to add to the likes of Juan Mata, Lucas Piazon, Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge. 

Champions League Group E Match Preview: Chelsea Vs Juventus

on September 18 2012 12:36 PM
Champions League Group E Match Preview: Chelsea Vs Juventus

Finally, after four months of eager anticipation, Europe's greatest clubs are set to duke it out on the biggest stage of them all - the UEFA Champions League.

Defending champions Chelsea are faced with an incredibly tough start to their campaign, with the high-flying Juventus challenging the Blues on Wednesday.

Juventus is currently on an incredible 42 game unbeaten streak in the Serie A, and is relishing its return to Europe's premier competition after almost 3 years.

Both sides are sitting on top of their respective tables, and Wednesday's game is shaping up to be a fascinating contest. Can Chelsea start the campaign with a win, or will the Italian Champions claim their first scalp?

Liverpool News: Have the fates of Liverpool Football Club and the Hillsborough 'cover up' been Intextricably Linked for 23 Years?

on September 18 2012 12:13 PM
Liverpool News: Have the fates of Liverpool Football Club and the Hillsborough 'cover up' been Intextricably Linked for 23 Years?

Liverpool News: Have The Fates of Liverpool Football Club and The Hillsborough 'cover up' been Inextricably Linked For 23 Years?

By Kevin Morley.

When the outcome of the Hillsborough panel review was announced, almost a week ago, nobody in Liverpool was to be found rejoicing.  There was an air of respectful gratitude for the diligent work of the review team, and a sense of relief that the truth had finally been uncovered.  There was, however, no joy, and there is, as yet, no retribution for those who perpetrated what has been described as the biggest cover up in English legal history.  It is hoped that this justice will come later and, until those responsible are brought to account for their most heinous actions following the tragedy, there will be no justice.

Is Soccer Football? Or Is Football Football, Who Owns The Name?

on September 18 2012 9:46 AM

The Game is comprised of eleven players on one team and eleven players on the other team. Whoever has the ball is on the offense, the opposition team is on the defense. The offensive team is trying to score; the defensive team is trying to prevent the offensive team from scoring while also attempting to gain control of the ball, as part of their defensive strategy. When one team scores, the other team can gain possession of the ball. The game is physical and requires quickness, agility, great footwork, strength and power. The game is played with referees in outdoor stadiums. What is the name of this game? If your answer is Soccer, you are correct. Did you answer football? You are correct. How about calling the game, Association football /soccer or NFL Football, you are again correct. How can each of these answers be correct? Who owns the name?

Soccer has all of the components listed above, but Association football play their game different from the football that is played in Pop Warner, high school, college and the NFL ranks. It is all called football! There is football, soccer and football. How did this happen?

Champions league : Manchester United Starting 11 vs Galastaray

on September 18 2012 9:14 AM

The last year shock exit of Manchester United in the group stage of the Champions league might have given Sir Alex Ferguson many sleepless nights as to no one had ever expected this to happen. For a team which had made 3 finalist appearances in past 4 Champions league finals having won 1 of them, it was hard to believe how they could not manage to go through the group which had teams like Otelul Galati, Basel and Benfica.

Manchester United have had a good start to the season winning their last 3 matches after a bad first day at Everton and the horrible thigh injury to Wayne Rooney last month against Fulham. All the new signings have proved to be good and have not taken long to get their names on the scoresheet.

Sir Alex has stated that he won't make the same mistake again of experimenting the younger players in the group stages of the Champions league since it backfired last season. The Red Devils will look to forget the memories of last year and need to make a strong statement this year starting with a win against the Turkish side Galastaray in their first match of the new Champions league season .