SportsNet - November 2012

Chelsea And Tottenham Transfer Rumors: Is Jozy Altidore Adebayor’s Replacement or The New Didier Drogba?

on November 30 2012 10:49 AM
Chelsea And Tottenham Transfer Rumors: Is Jozy Altidore Adebayor’s Replacement or The New Didier Drogba?


United States international Jozy Altidore has recently been attracting attention worldwide since arriving at Netherlands side AZ Alkmaar. After an unsuccessful stint with Villarreal, Altidore seems to have finally found his place this season, bagging nine goals in his opening seven league games. And now a handful of Premier League clubs have declared their interest in the 23-year-old.

With his agent keeping a tight seal on information, the unnamed English clubs are rumoured to be Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur with interest from European giants Bayern Munich and Barcelona on the cards.

“I won’t say whether interest will increase during the winter break or at the end of the season,” speaks Alkmaar’s Director of Football Earnest Stewart. “Jozy is developing fantastically, is a real target-man for the team and translates that into goals.”

Just which Premier League club would the big target-man fit in?

Can Washington Redskins Make Final Playoff Push?

on November 30 2012 10:01 AM
Can Washington Redskins Make Final Playoff Push?

Fortune, they say, favours the brave. The question is as we hit December, are the Washington Redskins brave enough for the run-in?

They are exciting enough that’s for sure. Anyone who has seen the energy and enthusiasm of their play this year cant help but feel that this is a team on the up again.

Under  the guidance of a been-there-and-done-it veteran  head  coach, they have every reason to be optimistic about the future and of course they have the kind of marquee player that doesn't’t come around too often.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III has been exactly what everyone thought he would be. Fun.

We all knew he was a talent, his years in Baylor showcased his athletic ability. The fact that he has carried that into the NFL is not really that  much of a  surprise, but  the  way  he  has  handled  it  all, maybe is. Every  week we see something a little different that makes the fans of the Redskins believe they have a shot at the playoffs this year. And who knows what beyond.

Arizona Cardinals: Loss to St. Louis Rams May Signal Beginning of the End of Whisenhunt Era In Arizona.

on November 30 2012 10:01 AM
Arizona Cardinals: Loss to St. Louis Rams May Signal Beginning of the End of Whisenhunt Era In Arizona.
In 2008, Ken Whisenhunt was the toast of all Arizona, after leading their the much maligned Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. He followed up in 2009 by leading the team to back-to-back playoff appearances, an unimaginable feat for many Cardinals fans. However since the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner before the 2010 season, much of Whisenhunt's shine seems to have faded. After back-to-back sub .500 seasons, six different starting quarterback's and missed playoff berths, patience seems to be warning thin. Clearly, the Bidwells, the Cardinals owners, have much more patience with head coaches than many, and there is more than a fair amount of blame to go around. But conventional wisdom has it that unless Whisenhunt can somehow miraculously lead the team back to an 8-8 season -- dropping no more than one more game down the stretch -- then he has to go. One or two more losses therefore, will likely result in Whisenhunt becoming one of the first coaching casualties of 2012.

Golden State Warriors News: Bogut Will Miss 1-3 Months Because of Ankle

on November 30 2012 1:59 AM

           The Golden State Warriors have played very well in the early going of the 2012-2013 season. They are currently 9-6 and tied with the Los Angeles Clippers for first place in the Pacific Division. Most of that success has come despite the re-aggravation of Center Andrew Bogut’s ankle injury. What was initially diagnosed as just 7-10 days to rest the sore ankle has now become an injury that will keep him out one-to-three months. It was revealed that Bogut actually had microfracture surgery on his ankle, a far more severe procedure than the arthroscopic surgery that had been reported since the time of surgery in April. Bogut hopes to be back before the season is done, but didn’t want to put a definite timetable on his return. With Bogut’s injury, all eyes will fall on Power Forward Carl Landry.


Who Won Louisville-Rutgers? Certainly Not The Big East

on November 30 2012 1:16 AM

Sell-out crowd. National TV. BCS bowl bid on the line.

Big East officials couldn’t possibly have been beaming with more pride and satisfaction, could they?

Ummm …

Talk about a slap in the face or a swift kick to the nether regions. On a night when the conference should have been enjoying some exposure and some positive words, the prevailing theme that enveloped the proceedings Thursday at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, N.J., was hardly Big East-related.

More like, oh, here’s a couple of rent-a-cops finishing up their shift before heading over to that prettier, more stable mall a couple miles over on a permanent basis.

With Louisville announcing its intent to join the ACC in 2015 earlier this week, and Rutgers rejoicing over moving into its true home in the Big Ten by 2014 last week, current “affiliation” could muster little more than background-noise rating.

This is what the Big East has been reduced to at this point: a stage for intercollegiate athletic programs to showcase their worthiness … of something better than being in the Big East.