SportsNet - December 2012

2012 Was Another Year Of Firsts For African-Americans In Sports

on December 31 2012 3:26 PM
2012 Was Another Year Of Firsts For African-Americans In Sports

In 2012 sadly we are still marking firsts for people of color in all endeavors, even in sports. As a person of color, each advancement made is a cause of celebration. While some historic milestones in the world of sports this past year were done by well-known athletes, some were not.

Katrina Adams in Sept. became the first African-American elected to the position of 1st Vice President of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the governing body of tennis in the America. If tradition holds true after her upcoming two year term from 2013-2015, she should become its first Black President and Chairman of the Board.

Also in tennis, Serena Williams, career holder of all four Grand Slam titles in singles and doubles, became the first to win Olympic Gold in Singles and Doubles this year. She finished as the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Player of the Year, only ranked #3 behind two players that she beat more than once.

Premier League New Year's Resolutions - Club by Club (Part Four)

on December 31 2012 12:01 PM
Premier League New Year's Resolutions - Club by Club (Part Four)

With New Year’s Day fast approaching and 2013 just around the corner, all twenty clubs in the Premier League will be hoping for bigger and better results. Just what they need differs from team to team but every manager knows who or what they want.

And with a New Year, comes New Year’s resolutions. Welcome to Part Four.

Swansea City – I promise to play the Barcelona way and keep Michu unless a big offer comes in.

The style of play first started from Brendan Rodgers (would you believe it?) has taken the Premier League by storm as Arsenal, who are said to play the most attractive football in England, have finally got competition. New head coach, Michael Laudrup has inherited the team this summer and immediately got the players working hard to make them a force to beat at home and away.

2012 In Sports: The Year Of Justice & Unity In The Premier League

on December 31 2012 11:46 AM
2012 In Sports: The Year Of Justice & Unity In The Premier League

Football is different today.

It is a gold mine for the sugar daddies of this planet, a playground of merciless merry-go-rounds, slippery slides and twisting tunnels.

The greatest success for Liverpool Football Club, and for English football, came off the football field. Liverpool’s League Cup success meant little to them. This year will be remembered by the enormous Hillsborough justice campaign.

 “Today’s report is black and white. The Liverpool fans were not the cause of the disaster” - David Cameron

If a quote from a Prime Minister has ever hit home harder than this, I believe you’d struggle to find it. Mr Cameron’s comments swathed himself with dignity and commendable revere; but the horrific truth still remains.

Imagine losing a family member, imagine being told that family member was to blame, that you’re wrong, to go away, to move on, for 23 years. Imagine.

Black Monday Looms for Arizona Cardinals Coaches and Staff: Which Changes are Coming?

on December 31 2012 10:46 AM
Black Monday Looms for Arizona Cardinals Coaches and Staff: Which Changes are Coming?

It has been another season many in the Arizona Cardinals organization would prefer to forget. In many ways, the team's final loss of 2012 mirrored the entirety of their season—early promise on defense masking the teams offensive ineptitude, before the wheels finally come off as the game and season dragged on.

Their to say that their 5-11 record is about right, though a huge disappointment for a defense with as many positives as the Cardinals, is in fact generous for a team who started four different quarterbacks, and failed to get Larry Fitzgerald more than 800 yards for the first time since his rookie season. To put things in perspective, even with Derek Anderson, Max Hall and John Skelton at quarterback in 2010, Fitzgerald was able to post 1,137.

Though the season may be over, the fallout is only just beginning. In the coming days and weeks, the Cardinals have no shortage of tough decisions to make, but all of those start now, with the dreaded black Monday, and the inevitable coaching and front office changes which follow.

New York Jets: Five Step Offseason Plan

on December 31 2012 9:14 AM
New York Jets: Five Step Offseason Plan

1. New General Manager: Mike Tannenbaum's time is up in New York. Over the last few seasons, Tannenbaum has failed the offense in both free agency and the draft. The lack of weapons is a severe problem for gang green. Also, the lack of depth on both sides of the ball has made injuries that much more of a problem to a team that suffered significant injuries in 2012.  The major problem has been the lack of starting talent, see the 6-10 record. Trader Mike used to be known for acquiring major players but over the last two years the team has only gotten worse in part because of terrible cap management. Past cap saving moves have added up and are starting to make things difficult for the Jets to retool their team. A new general manager, preferably known for his scouting skills must come in and work on the mess that Mike Tannenbaum has left in the world of Jets nation. No general manager should ever be known for his mathematical skills with contracts rather than his ability to assess talent.