SportsNet - February 2013

Day One of the NFL Scouting Combine was all about the “Media Blitz” Surrounding Manti Te’o

on February 23 2013 10:03 PM
Day One of the NFL Scouting Combine was all about the “Media Blitz” Surrounding Manti Te’o

The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine takes place from February 23-26 at Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts Stadium), Indianapolis, Indiana. The NFL Scouting Combine is where more than 300 top football prospects will continue their quest to achieve the NFL dreams. The Combine is the biggest “job interview” for top NFL prospects coming out of College. At this year’s Combine, top College football players will spend four days weighing in; being measured; and will be mentally and physically evaluated. The athletes who participate at the NFL Scouting Combine attend by invitation only. This is where the top-tier football players get to improve their stocks in front of NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts.

The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine workout schedule is as follows:• Saturday, Feb. 23: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams• Sunday, Feb. 24: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers• Monday, Feb. 25: Defensive linemen, linebackers• Tuesday, Feb. 26: Defensive backs

Robert Griffin III Has Legitimate Shot At Week 1 Start

on February 23 2013 8:22 PM

Just barely over a month removed from having surgery, to repair a torn LCL and a regraft of his ACL, quarterback of the Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III is well on his way to recovery according to Redskins officials and his surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

"We have him well on his way," Andrews told the NFL Network. "His recovery is way ahead of schedule so far. We don't have to do much but try to hold him back, if you want to know the truth. Our whole mode for him though is to do what is best for his career, not necessarily what is best for the first game next season. So all of that has to be put on hold and let him get well."

It’s very early to be hearing these types of comments, but apparently RG3 is a freak of nature much like Adrian Peterson, who had similar surgery on his knee last year and returned to play all 16 games this season while rushing for over 2,100 yards.

Ronda Rousey Continues to Take the UFC By Storm

on February 23 2013 5:26 PM

Ronda Rousey is the face of the UFC!

As farfetched as that sounded a year ago, the beautiful master of the armbar is the headliner in tonight’s UFC 157 PPV live 10 ET. Rousey faces Liz Carmouche in a fight scheduled for five rounds inside of the Octagon.

Rousey’s meteoric rise comes as a surprise to some. One of those who were surprised was Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White.

When asked if he saw a women’s division in the UFC, “never” is what White told TMZ reporters in 2011. His one-word answer was part of his consistent responses when the mere mention of women fighters in the UFC was brought up.

That is until now.

White talked about his decision to sign Rousey via, despite his original stance.

Chicago Bears Should Draft Manti Te'o If He is Available

on February 23 2013 3:56 PM

Should the Chicago Bears select Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o in the upcoming NFL Draft? According to Todd McShay’s latest mock draft, the controversial figure will become a Bear.

As you will recall, Te’o is under a ton of media scrutiny. Never mind his abysmal performance in the BCS National Championship game, where the Alabama Crimson Tide players ran Te’o roughshod.

Versus the Crimson Tide, Te’o missed tackles. The All-American Fighting Irish linebacker rarely missed tackles during the regular season. He also appeared slow with his reactionary skills, originally a strength for him prior to the BCS Championship.

Instead of fielding questions about the Alabama game, the hoax behind Te’o’s deceased girlfriend will take center stage.

Manchester United News: Ronaldo Move Back To United Getting Closer - Latest Developments Revealed

on February 23 2013 8:23 AM

What was once thought of as pure speculation has now become one of the hottest topics in Spain. Will Ronaldo come back to Manchester United? There are a number of very good reasons why this is now a distinct possibility.

Ronaldo has a soft spot for Manchester United and his former boss, Sir Alex Ferguson. At United, Ronaldo was the undisputed king. In Spain, he is not regarded in the same way. Of course, they already have their figurehead in Lionel Messi, who is the epitome of what Spanish fans see as the perfect footballer. Messi is the inexorable machine, whilst Ronaldo is the erratic genius. It is just the difference between the two cultures that in Spain Messi is seen as perfect and Ronaldo flawed, whilst in England, Ronaldo`s disposition is revered. Messi is the merciless machine; Ronaldo needs to be loved to perform.