SportsNet - March 2013

NCAA Men’s College Basketball News: March Madness & The NIT Begins: Will The Lack Of The Execution Of The Fundamentals Be The Execution Of The College Game?:

on March 22 2013 10:08 AM


March Madness has begun as the four “Play In” games and Thursday’s games are in the record books. The NCAA field is in motion some teams are on the way home. The NIT started with a major upset as little Robert Morris and their home crowd of 3,500 fans beat the defending national champions Kentucky Wildcats 59-57 which should send the NIT into a tailspin as teams vie for an NIT title. Where are the fundamentals?

Men’s college basketball’s inconsistent play and the inability of teams to maintain a lead and/or blow a team out have plagued NCAA Division I basketball this season. In recent years, the team scoring averages have been getting lower. This season’s play has produced the lowest team scoring averages in decades. The overall turnover level of teams has reached epic proportions literally going through the roof. Men’s college basketball across the board needs an execution makeover.

Manchester United News: Summer Transfer Targets - Updated

on March 21 2013 3:40 PM

A few weeks ago we pondered the likely Manchester United summer transfer targets, given the information available at the time, and any developments with regard to contracts or interest from other clubs in United players. Now seems to be a good time to re-visit this subject and appraise the latest information we have to hand.

Firstly let’s deal with a constant, and that is Robert Lewandowski, the Dortmund striker. Sir Alex was very close to signing him last year and it was only because of the urgent need to sign Robin Van Persie and head off a number of other suitors, which in the end stymied any deal for Lewandowski. He has continued, however, to score goals and is high on Sir Alex Fergusons list of targets for this summer. Lewandowski has constantly made clear his intention to join Manchester United at some stage which is why nobody else is even bothering to try and sign him.

Chicago Bears News: Where Departing Brian Urlacher Fits In Team History

on March 21 2013 1:03 PM
Chicago Bears News: Where Departing Brian Urlacher Fits In Team History


A handful of positions in the world of sports—center field for the Yankees, tailback at USC—test every individual who plays them against some of the giants in the history of the game. One such position is middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

Now, there will be a new would-be star in that role for the first time in 13 years. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Brian Urlacher and the team have broken off contract talks, and the career Windy City icon has played his last game in a Bear uniform.

With the end of the Urlacher era, it’s time to reflect on the Chicago career of the most successful and popular Bear of this century. Even in the lofty company of Bear MLBs, number 54 stacks up remarkably well.

The Man

Rio Well Within His Right To Give The F.A And Hodgson The Cold Shoulder.

on March 21 2013 11:54 AM
If Roy Hodgson expected anything else, he's either extremely naïve or incredibly stupid. Or perhaps both. When Rio Ferdinand was recalled to the England squad last week it was met with great surprise. After all, this is the same Manager who was filmed on the London Underground telling fans Ferdinand had no future with the England squad. Hodgson soon changed his tune when his squad became decimated by injuries and lack of playing time, forcing Hodgson to call upon the man he cast out into the cold months ago. The incident between Chelsea defender John Terry and Rio's brother, QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, is the catalyst for this controversy. Terry was accused of racially abusing the younger Ferdinand during a heated game between the two sides on 25th October 2011. There appeared to be clear video evidence supporting this and Terry was subsequently facing criminal charges as a result.

Augsburg Has Got Their Groove Back

on March 21 2013 8:52 AM


Relegation threatened Bavarian club Augsburg seem to have found the winning formula in the second half of the season. It was almost looking like a foregone conclusion that they would be going down at the end of the season, but history is repeating itself again as they are suddenly showing some signs resilience. By December they had only amassed a total of 9 points together with fellow bottom placedd SG Furth. The team is now playing with so much confidence that they are winning games away from home. Victories over   Dusseldorf, Werder Bremen and Hamburg has announced their presence and sent message to other teams that they are not in the league to make the numbers. They are still currently five point adrift from Dusseldorf but if their recent form is anything to consider, they seem capable of not just avoiding relegation but have respectable finish at the end of the season.