SportsNet - April 2013

Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund: Late rally from Los Blancos not enough as Jurgen Klopp's side progress

on April 30 2013 5:00 PM

Too little, too late: a last ditch brace from Real Madrid was one goal short of what the Spanish giants needed to stand a chance of winning their tenth European crown as Borussia Dortmund progressed to the Champions League final with a 4-3 aggregate victory. 

Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 3:49 PM

If there's one series I don't feel good about picking, it's this one. There isn't a lot separating these teams and it could come down to random luck.


What is a Canucks preview without some goaltending discussion?  The situation here is simple. Schneider is as good as they come in goal and if he's healthy, Vancouver is not a team I'd want to face. He can cover up for whatever flaws there might be in front of him and give his forwards enough time to find the back of the net.  If for some reason he doesn't live up to expectations as the go-to guy, Luongo can come in as the sentimental underdog and do just fine. No one expected him to even be here, so if he's thrust into action to save the day it could be a nice final chapter to his days in Vancouver.

On the flip side, the Sharks will be relying solely on Niemi. That's not a bad thing because he's been great this season. I don't expect a dropoff in play unless something bizarre happens.  With that said, I still give this duel to Schneider.

Defensive depth?

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Islanders Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 3:08 PM

Much like the Wild in the West, no one is giving the Islanders much a chance in this series.  Sportsbooks have made them a full two game underdog for the series, so the prevailing perception is that Pittsburgh will take care of business in four or five games.  Is this a true representation of the matchup? Well it is and it isn't. Let's take a closer look at the key factors.


One reason why I wouldn't completely count out an Islanders upset in this series is due to the situation between the pipes. Fleury has had a nice bounceback season from last year's playoff debacle, but until he wins another round it will continue to be an issue. This is why the Penguins were smart to secure Vokoun as the backup. If Fleury falters, I don't think they will hesitate to park him on the bench to right the ship.

Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 2:32 PM

When the Ottawa Senators beat the Boston Bruins on the final day of the regular season, I was disappointed we weren't going to see a Leafs/Habs first round matchup. That said, getting to see the Toronto try to match-up against Boston might be the next best thing.  This is perhaps one of the easiest first round series to breakdown and there's no question in my mind which side has the decided edge.

Advanced Stats

If you're a stat-geek, you'll know that the Leafs have dramatically overachieved in this shortened season.  Not only has Reimer played well above his head, but the team's shooting percentage is also abnormally high. The result is a 1030 PDO rating, tied with Pittsburgh for the best in the league. Now which of these teams do you think is more likely going to regress to the mean?  If this was a regular NHL season, I'd have fun betting against Toronto down the stretch, but due to the lockout I'll have to settle for the here and now.

NHL Playoffs 2013: Conne Smythe Trophy Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 1:01 PM

When it comes to predicting the Conne Smythe winners, the obvious names are going to show up on most lists you see - Crosby, Kane, Toews, Fleury, Crawford, and Malkin. Parting ways with your hard earned cash on one of these players is not worth the investment.  It's much more likely that one, if not both, of these teams fall short of the Stanley Cup Final.  Therefore we have to search for the best bang for our buck choice.  Here are my top five value picks for the playoff M.V.P. this year.

1) Zdeno Chara (50/1): I'm a huge fan of Tuukka Rask, but can someone explain to me why he is 20/1 to win MVP and Chara is 50/1? I do agree that goalies have a natural advantage and play the most critical role by default, but it would be foolish to overlook Chara at these odds. There isn't any elite, standout forward on this Bruins team, unless Seguin has a breakout playoffs. Chara is going to log more minutes than any other defender in the league and he has tremendous respect around the league in every media circle. If Boston reach the final, there's no question that Chara will be among the favorites to win the award.